What is Andropause?

Andropause, or male menopause, may be a term that you are not all familiar with, but it is more commonly referred to as low testosterone by experts. It is easy to assume that it is similar to what women experience when they reach their fifties, but it is not. Menopause in women happens when their ovaries no longer produce estrogen which stops their menstrual cycle. In andropause, however, the testosterone levels decline as they age.

There are some men who function normally even when their testosterone levels go down, but there are others who become aware of changes in their body, from having difficulty sleeping, lack of sexual drive, depression, and even losing muscle as well as gaining fat. However, there are several reasons why these symptoms may appear, which is why having a chat with your doctor is recommended.

Possible Causes for Andropause Symptoms

Factors like lifestyle and even psychological problems may also cause these symptoms to appear. In the case of lack of libido or even erectile dysfunction as well as mood swings, it may be due to depression, stress, and even anxiety which can cause them.

Psychological issues may be brought upon by relationship problems, money, and even problems at home just to name a few. Some men may experience “midlife crisis” too which may be cause symptoms of andropause to appear. Other causes that may trigger this include:

  • Lack of regular activity
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Smoking
  • Poor diet

What To Do When You Have Andropause

If your doctor has eliminated all possible causes for the symptoms mentioned above, and have diagnosed that you have Low-T, your doctor may suggest that you do testosterone therapy to help increase your hormone levels. There are different methods in which testosterone therapy is delivered, such as in the form of topical gel, injections, skin patch, skin implants, and even oral tablets just to name a few. These treatments have been found to be effective in boosting low testosterone levels in a month or so.

Is Testosterone Therapy Right for You?

You’re probably thinking whether testosterone therapy is right for you. Well, not all men have to undergo testosterone replacement therapy as there are studies that show that there are several side effects associated with it such as acne breakouts, sleep apnea, low sperm production, enlargement of the breasts, and even blood clots just to name a few. The hormone replacement therapy is not recommended to those who have cancer since it can cause the tumor to grow. This is why testosterone replacement therapy should not be seen as a quick fix when you are experiencing signs of andropause.

Are There Alternatives?

Age may be a factor when it comes to your low testosterone levels, but keep in mind that testosterone replacement therapy isn’t the only way to solve this problem. You will also need to keep yourself in tiptop shape too. Men have lower hormone levels when they have diabetes or when they are overweight which is why you need to make exercise part of your daily ritual. Add strength and resistance training to your routine to help build and strengthen your muscle, while destroying excess fats too. Getting your weight down to a more normal level can actually help improve the amount of testosterone that your body is producing.

When it comes to dealing with your mental and behavioral problems, talking to a therapist may help you keep your anxiety, depression, anger, or even stress in check. It pays to discuss your symptoms with your doctor especially when they become pronounced. This way, you will be able to determine whether you have Low-T or there is an underlying medical condition that you need to deal with.

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