What Every Young or Middle-Aged Man Should Know About Prostatitis

Read up if you’re a male and below 50 years of age: this article will get you introduced to prostatitis which affects young or middle aged men like you. It’s all about pain and inflammation of your prostate gland. Do not panic because there’s no scientific evidence that this condition can pave the way for prostate cancer.

You may have tons of questions about prostatitis. Well. Below you are likely to find the answers to the most pressing of the bunch — so don’t stop reading now.

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What is It?

Put simply, prostatitis is the inflammation of the prostate gland. And where there’s inflammation, there’s pain. Every man has a prostate gland, a gland that is responsible for manufacturing and secreting what’s known as prostatic fluid. The said fluid is an important component of your semen.

By the way, your prostate gland also helps propel your semen into your urethra during ejaculation.

What Causes It?

There are different types of prostatitis.Needless to say, each one has a different cause. Experts have already identified some of the causative factors of certain types of prostatitis.Sadly, there are certain types of prostatitis whose causes are yet to be pinned down.

One type of prostatitis whose exact cause is unknown is what’s referred to as chronic prostatitis. Just like what the name says, it’s something that tends to strike over and over again. Scientists believe that chronic prostatitis can be blamed on certain chemicals found in the urine or the person’s immune system itself.

Bacterial prostatitis is a type ofprostatitis whose cause is quite obvious — bacteria. Bacterial prostatitis can be acute or chronic.

Who are at Risk?

According to health authorities, prostatitis the most common urinary-tract related issue in men that are below 50 years of age. Do take note that men 50 years of age and above may also suffer from it.In fact, prostatitis is regarded by the experts as the third most common urinary-tract related matter in older men.

It is said that men who are suffering from lower urinary tract infections or UTIs are at risk of suffering from prostatitis, in particular the bacterial kind.

Nerve damage in the lower part of the male urinary tract as a result of trauma or surgery is regarded as a risk factor for chronic prostatitis.

What are the Symptoms?

Because there are different kinds of prostatitis that are brought about by varying things, the symptoms of this condition tend to vary from one case to the other. What’s more, many of the symptoms of prostatitis are the same as those of some issues concerning the male urinary system.

Pain is one of the most common symptoms of prostatitis. It can be felt in various places down there — lower back, lower abdomen, in the penis, scrotum, or right in the middle of the anus and scrotum.Sometimes pain can be experienced in various areas of the pelvic region.

A lot of men with prostatitis report pain during or after ejaculation. Some of them say that there’s pain during or after peeing.

How is it Treated?

Treatment for prostatitis varies, depending on the type and its cause. For instance, antibiotics may be prescribed by a doctor in order to put an end to the infection taking place in the prostate gland. Painkillers may also be recommended to help alleviate pain experienced.

Antibiotics are useless for chronic prostatitis due to the fact that it’s not bacterial in nature. Some of the medications prescribed for dealing with the symptoms include painkillers and muscle relaxants.

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