What Causes Childhood Obesity and How to Prevent It

Childhood obesity is a serious health condition that affects millions of children around the world. There are many factors that are contributing to this condition such as poor eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, and genetics even. Children tend to snack on sweets all the time which can also lead to weight gain. And because technology is being used by parents to keep their kids engaged, they rarely play sports or go out and play. The problem with obesity is that it can put your child at risk from diabetes, heart problem, high blood pressure, and other health conditions. How will you be able to protect your child from this health issue?

The good news is that obesity can be prevented with proper care. Here are a few tips that you can try to keep your child at the right weight at a young age.

Choose your treats

Your kids may ask for treats from time to time, and although there is nothing wrong with offering some sweets, you might want to give them something healthier liked baked kale chips, sweet potatoes, and the like. Not only will they receive plenty of nutrients, but they will also learn to enjoy vegetables at a young age.

Respect their appetite

Children may have different levels of appetite. There are times when they will be eating a lot, and then there are moments when they are not that hungry. If you want to prevent your child from gaining way too much weight, it would be a good idea to allow them to leave their plate unfinished. They will know whether they are hungry or not, so don’t force them to finish everything.

Avoid rewarding them with treats

There are some parents who believe in reward system when raising their children. Some would cajole their kids to eat everything on their plate to have a sweet treat after. Unfortunately, not only are you teaching that the only reward that they are going to get is something sweet, but they will be forced to finish their meals even though they are already full because of the promise of sweets.

No TV while eating

Another tip on how you can prevent obesity in children is to avoid turning the TV on during dinner time. The problem with watching TV while eating is that it can grab your child’s attention to the point that they will ignore the food that they are eating, or that they eat way too much.

Prepare fruits and vegetables

Skip the sweets and salty treats to end your meal, but rather prepare fruits and vegetables instead. You can make some salads and smoothies to treat the whole family too which will benefit everyone.

Stay active

What better way to prevent child obesity than making your child participate in plays? Go to the park or go on hikes with the whole family. Not only will this keep everyone’s weight down, but it will also help you stay healthy too. Use this as a time to bond with your kids and explore your area too.

Wait 15 minutes

Give your child at least 15 minutes before asking if they want another serving during meal times. Pacing is key at this point, so make sure that you give them time to decide whether they will eat another round or not.

Beating childhood obesity is important if you want to keep your child in good health all the time. Although it is challenging at times, especially when your child wants something sweet, you need to keep in mind that you are doing this for their overall health.

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