What 30 Minutes of Walking Can Do for You

Have you ever considered walking as part of your morning routine? Did you even think of just walking instead of riding your car to work? You may not see walking as an exercise worth incorporating in your daily routine but it does have its benefits. You see, something simple as walking for 30 minutes a day can bring you a whole lot of benefits that you may not have really thought about. So let’s see what walking can do for you.

Speeds up metabolism

When you walk every day, you are actually making your metabolism work better which means that more fats get burned that way. Brisk walking elevates your heart rate thus it causes more fat to get burned for you to have energy. Those who spend 30 minutes or so walking at a brisk rate are actually helping themselves maintain a better weight.

Reduce heart disease

Another benefit that you can enjoy when you incorporate walking in your day is that you are actually helping yourself by reducing your risk from heart diseases such as stroke and high blood pressure. Walking help regulate your blood pressure by boosting your blood circulation. It can help bring your bad cholesterol down while bringing your good cholesterol up. Raising your heart rate through daily walks can be beneficial to your heart’s overall health.

Beats the blues away

If you are feeling down or having a bad day, go out for a walk. The smell of fresh air, being surrounded by trees, and away from those that are causing you stress even for just a while can do you a world of good. You will feel your stress melting away and that you’ll be a whole lot chipper when you get back to work or at home. Never underestimate the power of walking when you have a lot on your mind. You might be surprised to find that any confusion or stress melts away.

Prevents osteoporosis

Another advantage to walking even 30 minutes a day is that it helps prevent osteoporosis from happening. You see, when you walk, you are actually stimulating and strengthening your bones to help increase its density. Walking is quite perfect for women who tend to suffer from bone loss once they hit their menopausal stage and are at risk of osteoporosis. Try incorporating walking to your day and you will see a huge difference on the way you feel.

Reduces risk from certain types of illnesses

What else can you get out of walking? Well, there have been several studies that show that those who walk for at least 30 minutes per day are less likely to develop diabetes, certain types of cancers, and asthma for that matter. If you have an exercise routine added to the mix, you will be better equipped to fight off cancer of the breast, colon, and uterus even.

Stops obesity and cellulite

Most of us are gaining weight because we live a sedentary life. Unfortunately, weight gain can lead to cellulite forming on our legs, hips, and thighs which can be unsightly. With that being said, adding walking to your daily routine can actually help you keep your weight down because you are speeding up your metabolism. What’s more, when you walk, you are preventing your body from retaining water or fluids so you won’t appear bloated. And because you are boosting blood circulation in your body, you are breaking cellulite formation too. 

So you see? Doing something simple as walking or brisk walking can have tons of benefits for you and your overall health. You may be busy to actually do some serious physical training but walking is going to help you get started to your road to better health free of charge.

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