Weird Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

Brushing with baking soda or sea salt, swishing coconut oil in your mouth, rubbing orange peel on your chompers — been there, done that!

If you’re ready to take teeth whitening at home to a whole new level, then keep on reading. Below you will come across some really weird ways to get your pearly whites whitened. They may not be that common but many can attest to the fact that they can make your smile look more impressive!

Eat Dark Chocolate

If you think that eating dark chocolate will only mar your teeth, think again! According to experts, regularly snacking on this sinful treat is something that can make your teeth whiter.

That’s because it can help keep bacteria from adhering to the surface of the teeth — bacterial proliferation is the root cause of plaque formation, which can leave your teeth discolored.

Dark chocolate is also said to help re-mineralize your teeth, thanks to its theobromine content.

Have Some Cheese

It may be yellow, but cheese can actually help make your teeth stay white.

According to scientific investigations, munching on cheese causes your saliva to become alkaline — the more alkaline your mouth, the lesser success bacteria get in ruining your smile.

What’s more, cheese is a phenomenal source of calcium, a mineral that your bones and teeth need to stay strong.

Indeed, having cheese on a regular basis can make you say “cheese” in front of a camera more often!

Sprinkle Powdered Charcoal

Each time you brush your teeth, consider sprinkling a little powdered charcoal on your toothbrush. Certainly, this will make your teeth look black while brushing, but be ready to be amazed after rinsing your mouth with water!

Health-conscious individuals know very well that charcoal is very good at pulling poisonous substances out of the body.

Well, that’s basically the same reason why brushing with it can make your chompers sparkle — charcoal is capable of removing tough stains left behind by coffee, tea and wine.

Just see to it that you use activated charcoal, the kind that’s taken as a supplement.

Snack on Nuts and Seeds

Ever wondered why woodland creatures have super strong two front teeth? That’s because nuts and seeds are part of their regular diet — and that’s why you should add them to yours, too, if you want the perfect smile.

All the chewing that you need to do each time you munch on nuts and seeds helps polish your pearly whites.

Nutrition experts say that nuts and seeds also supply your body with potassium, magnesium and phosphorus — all of which are needed for strong teeth. The stringer your teeth are, the more resistant they are to stains.

By the way, nuts and seeds are also packed with healthy fats that your brain, heart, joints and skin need.

Eat Celery Sticks

There are a couple of reasons why you should snack on celery sticks especially if you want really white teeth.

First, celery sticks are packed with water. Having a couple or more right after a meal is a wonderful idea as celery sticks help remove food particles from your chompers before they cause nasty staining.

Second, these crunchy treats scrub the surface of your teeth. In fact, you may consider munching on some celery sticks as brushing your teeth.

By the way, celery sticks also give you fresh breath which is best paired with a bright smile.

They’re all weird home remedies, right? But trying them is guaranteed to give you white teeth! And if you have come across some other unusual teeth whitening solutions before, feel free to post some of them in the comments section below so that other smile-conscious people may try them, too.

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