Why Washing Your Car is Great for Your Body

Did you know that there is a so-called car wash workout? Although effective, it’s something that consists of some sets and reps — you know, stuff that can be repetitive and boring.

Luckily, the simple act of washing your car yourself is already considered as a wonderful form of exercise! Who knew that a weekend activity can also serve as an opportunity for you to burn excess calories and tone your muscles? So in other words, washing your automobile is like hitting two birds with one stone!

Here are the reasons why cleaning your car can be regarded as a complete body workout:

Ridding the wheels of dirt and grime lets you do some serious squats 

Every exercise-buff on the planet knows that doing squats is an excellent way to target the muscles in the legs as well as those in the buttocks. So when it’s time for you your vehicle’s wheels to get spotless, make sure that you squat like you have never squatted before!

Washing the roof calls for being on your toes 

According to fitness experts, doing tiptoes is great for strengthening the calf muscles as well as increasing the flexibility of your ankles. As a bonus, standing on your toes also improves balance. When your car calls for some roof cleaning, try to cover as much surface area by tiptoeing.

Cleaning the sides of your automobile involves some spanking lunges

Doing some lunges is a wonderful way to work out basically all the large muscle groups in your legs. It’s also something that zooms in on the butt and even your midsection. Whether you are soaping or drying the sides of your car, do some lunges from side to side.

Scrubbing and wiping are phenomenal exercises for the arm muscles 

Especially when your car is really soiled, you can actually give your arms some serious workout as you attempt to get rid of stubborn dirt and stains. Just make sure that you divide the work equally between your arms to give them both a nice dose of exercise.

Performing large, sweeping movements is great for your upper back as well as core 

If you are in a hurry to get your car squeaky clean, you can cover more surface area by doing large, sweeping movements using both your arms. Doing this allows you to give the muscles in your arms, upper back and even midsection some challenging workout.

Lifting the bucket from one place to the other helps strengthen your muscles 

A bucket filled with water can be used as a piece of exercise equipment while you’re washing your vehicle. The simple act of carrying it around as you clean one section of your car after the other is something that helps strengthen your extremity and core muscles.

Cleaning the interiors of the car is a wonderful cardio workout, too 

No matter how sparkling clean your car’s body is, it amounts to nothing if the interiors looks just like a dumpster. Making the trim, carpet and upholstery of your automobile spotless is actually a superb cardiovascular workout. Playing some upbeat tracks can do wonders!

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