Want to Flatten Your Tummy But You Hate Planks? Do These Simple Activities Instead

Does the thought of doing a lot of planks make you want to hurl? No worries. That’s because you really don’t have to force yourself to do exercises that you don’t like just to make your belly likeable.

While it’s very much true that performing planks is a great way to tone the core muscles and thus making your belly flatter, that’s not the only way for the flat tummy of your wildest dreams to become a reality. Does this mean that you need to perform tons of crunches and sit-ups in exchange for planking? Not really.

All you have to do is engage in an assortment of simple physical activities, most of which you are already doing on a day-to-day basis! But doing them more often and performing them correctly can help improve gains.

So say goodbye to those planks that make you feel bored as well as crunches and sit-ups that leave you feeling light in the head because you don’t need them to have a lovely midsection. By doing these everyday physical activities more often, you are on your way to having a super flat tummy that’s worthy flaunting!


Moving your body to your favorite tunes is actually a wonderful tummy exercise masquerading as a fun and exciting form of expression. Especially when you go for dance steps that entail movements of the legs and hips, you are guaranteed that your abdominal muscles will be worked out.

Hula Hooping

Wonder not why a lot of women back in the 50s had smaller waistlines than most women of today. That’s because hula hoops were very popular back then, which is actually an excellent abdominal exercise. The good news is you can easily get your hands on a hula hoop these days. Start gyrating and see your waistline shrink.


Riding a bicycle trims not only your monthly expenses, but your belly as well. That’s because each pedaling that you make actually works out the abdominal muscles, not only those that are in your legs. Going uphill is something that can really get your midsection toned because it really challenges the muscles in your stomach area.

Climbing Stairs

Notice how you get out of breath after climbing several flights of stairs? Well, that’s a clear sign that climbing stairs is an intense form of workout. It is especially very good for the core muscles, so it’s a great waistline-trimmer. Keeping your back straight and carrying something heavy can help boost gains.

Playing Badminton

All the dashing and arm swinging you need to do when playing badminton cause the muscles in your belly to get worked out, thus giving you a flatter midsection. If you want more challenge, it’s a good idea to play tennis. The racket is a lot heavier, and it’s also more intense because a tennis ball can travel faster than a shuttlecock.

Enjoying Golf

Clearly, playing golf is a lot less intense than playing badminton and tennis, but this doesn’t mean that it won’t give your abs a nice workout. Since you need to do tons of walking and swinging, your core muscles get a lot of exercise. But as everybody knows, golf can be an expensive hobby so you better get your pocket ready.


Even though it seems like kayaking entails a lot of arm movements, it actually involves your abdominal muscles, too. If you have no access to a kayak, do not worry. That’s because you can simply get a subscription at a gym where there’s an available kayaking machine — or you can buy one for your home, too!


Last but not least, you can always walk if you want to achieve a flatter tummy without ever doing a single plank. Even a quick walk amounting to 20 minutes is enough. But if you want to see dramatic results in no time, it’s a good idea for you to walk briskly. Lugging a heavy backpack or carrying jam-packed shopping bags can help boost results.

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