Vocal Cord Nodules: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The palms of your hands may grow calluses as a form of protection. Are you aware that it’s also possible for calluses to grow on your vocal cords? However, they are referred to as nodules instead of calluses. In this article, you will learn about some of the most important matters you should know about vocal cord nodules.

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Calluses grow on the palms of your hands as a result of too much pressure or friction, and that has to happen in order to keep at bay unnecessary skin problems. Well, that’s basically how nodules grow on the vocal cords. Using the vocal cords in the wrong manner all the time can cause nodules to form eventually.

Straining and yelling a lot can cause those nodules to appear. The same is true when you sing excessively. It’s exactly for this reason why vocal cord nodules are sometimes referred to as singer’s nodules. However, you don’t have to be a singer, professional or aspiring, just to end up with vocal cord nodules. In fact, anyone at any age may develop vocal cord nodules. So in other words, both children and adults may suffer from them.

By the way, it’s important to note that vocal cord nodules are benign growths, which means they are not cancerous. And also, having acid reflux can exacerbate the problem because acids that escape the stomach can reach the vocal cords and irritate them.


Because of the fact that vocal cord nodules are like calluses, it’s for certain that your voice will change if they are around. It’s not unlikely for you to have a raspy or hoarse voice. In children, vocal cord nodules can cause straining as well as pitch breaks whenever they’re talking or singing.

It’s possible for vocal cord nodules to cause shooting pain that goes from ear to ear. Someone who suffers from vocal cord nodules may report of general neck pain and a sensation that there is a lump in the throat that doesn’t go away.

Certainly, being diagnosed with vocal cord nodules is kind of like a life sentence for a singer. It’s for the fact that they can change the way the singer’s voice sounds. In addition, he or she can experience easy vocal fatigue. Vocal sound range may become considerably decreased, too.

In diagnosing vocal cord nodules, there are many procedures that may be carried out by a doctor. One very common diagnostic procedure for vocal cord nodules is what’s referred to as laryngoscopy. In a nutshell, it involves the use of a spaghetti-like camera that is inserted into the nose and down the throat in order to inspect the vocal cords.


Learning how to properly use the voice is the recommended treatment for vocal cord nodules. It’s what doctors are referring to as practicing vocal hygiene. Voice therapy is also another commonly prescribed treatment for individuals who are diagnosed with vocal cord nodules.

It is a speech pathologist who is an expert at providing vocal hygiene and voice therapy. Basically, he or she will provide a patient with some pointers on how to properly use the voice.

Someone who has vocal nodules and suffers from acid reflux, too, should properly manage the digestive disorder in order to keep the problem from being aggravated.

Definitely, one must avoid abusing the voice in order to fend off vocal cord nodules. This means that unnecessary yelling and screaming should be avoided. Drinking plenty of water and having a healthy diet and lifestyle also matter.

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