Various Uses for Rosalina Essential Oil

Rosalina essential oil is the one for you if you are looking for an alternative to tea tree oil for fighting off an assortment of problems concerning the skin — from pimples, boils to athlete’s foot. Even though it’s just as potent as tea tree oil, this volatile oil has a milder and more pleasing smell that everyone will surely love.

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Rosalina essential oil comes from Australia. That’s because the plant from which it is harvested is native to Down Under. The botanical name of the said plant is melaleuca ericifolia, although everybody else in the continent slash country prefers to call it rosalina. There are some people who know it by its other name, lavender tea tree.

Speaking of which, earlier it was mentioned that rosalina essential oil is often compared to tea tree oil because both of them are very good at dealing with an array of skin problems, thanks to their amazing antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Sometimes rosalina essential oil is blended with tea tree oil, other times it is used alone.

Many prefer to use rosalina essential oil alone, in particular those who find the smell of tea tree oil simply overpowering. The fragrance of rosalina oil is one that’s very pleasing to the nose — it has a lemony fragrance with a buttery touch. Women most especially love the aroma of this volatile oil as it’s on the feminine side.

Just in case you want to intensify the smell as well as benefits provided by rosalina essential oil, you may choose to have it combined with others whose aromas are compatible with its own. Some good examples are grapefruit, lemon, thyme, marjoram, lavender, blue tansy, cypress, fir and citronella essential oils.

To take advantage of the marvelous aroma of rosalina essential oil, you may use a diffuse or burner. It’s also a wonderful idea for you to add a few drops of it to a bowl of potpourri, on your pillow, handkerchief or piece of tissue paper. For topical use, it has to be diluted first with your preferred carrier oil, like coconut or almond.

While rosalina essential oil is considered as very mild, pregnant or breastfeeding women should use it for therapeutic reasons only after consulting their doctors. The same is true for those who are diagnosed with medical conditions. Using this volatile oil is best done with the help of an aromatherapy expert.

Let’s now take a look at the various uses for rosalina essential oil that will surely leave you impressed:

Reducing anxiety

Taking a whiff of the lemony and somewhat buttery smell of rosalina essential oil is usually enough to calm you down during a bout of anxiety.

Lowering stress

You may also depend on rosalina essential oil’s so agreeable aroma whenever you are feeling stressed and you want to attain mental and physical relaxation.

Dealing with insomnia

Since rosalina essential oil is very good at soothing not only the mind but also the body, you may employ it each time you are having a hard time getting some sleep.

Relieving congestion

Adding a few drops of rosalina essential oil to a large bowl of hot water produces steam that’s capable of decongesting the airways when you have the cold or flu.

Alleviating pimples and acne

You may add a couple of drops of rosalina essential oil to a tablespoon of carrier oil, and then use the mixture for controlling pimples and acne.

Treating skin infections

The same mixture may also be applied on all sorts of skin problems, in particular those that are due to microbial activity such as athlete’s foot, ringworm and boils.

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