Unusual Ways to Deal With Anxiety

You can pop a sedating drug in your mouth and put up with some nasty side effects afterwards. Or you may simply try some or all of the unusual tips and tricks for dealing with anxiety listed below. Sometimes just thinking about doing them is enough to allay your anxious thoughts due to their sheer strangeness!

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Pop a Sour Candy in Your Mouth

Do you like sour candy? No? Then make sure that you reach for it and put it in your mouth the next time that you have an anxiety attack. The strong acidic taste of this infamous treat is enough to take your mind off things that are making you feel anxious. By the way, look for a brand or variant of sour candy that contains vitamin C — studies have shown that a lot of individuals who are deficient in vitamin C have anxiety or depression.

Talk to a Pillow — Or Your Hand

Expressing what’s in your mind is very helpful, mental health experts say. However, it also puts you at risk of being judged, heckled or ditched — the thought of it alone is enough to make you feel even more anxious! The good news is no one really ever said that you should express your feelings only to another human being. When having a bout of anxiety, feel free to talk to a pillow — or your hand or reflection in the mirror.

Write Everything Down

If you’re not ready to talk to a pillow or a body part of yours, fret not. Another thing that you may do when you are having anxious thoughts and you wish to express them without any risk is writing everything down on a piece of paper. It’s completely up to you if you want to jot things down as raw as they pour out of your mind or in a more creative fashion like a poem. Needless to say, journaling is something that you should make a daily habit.

Laugh Out Loud

According to scientists, laughing helps flood your brain with happy hormones. Needless to say, consider logging online to check out funny video clips or channel surfing until you come across a TV sitcom each time you’re anxious. By the way, not having something to laugh at should not keep you from getting rid of your anxiety. Experts say that a forced laugh is just as good for increasing those happy hormones in your brain as a genuine laugh.

Go Barefoot Outside

Many people swear by the effectiveness of grounding in dispelling their anxious thoughts. Basically, it’s all about getting yourself reoriented to where you are in the present. This is said to be very beneficial especially if your overwhelming anxious thoughts are causing you to lose your sense of the time being. Doing it outside is a great idea as it allows your skin to be touched by the sun, which is a cost-free source of that mood-lifting nutrient vitamin D.

Clean Your Home

Having anxiety causes a buildup of energy inside your body. In order to attain much-needed relief, you simply have to look for a way to get that unused energy used. If the attack happens at home, consider cleaning. This can make you feel a lot better for different reasons. First, you are using up pent up energy. Second, it keeps your mind busy, saving you from focusing on anxious thoughts. Third, living in a clean home makes you feel nice.

WARNING: If your anxiety is incapacitating enough to keep you from having a smooth-sailing day, make sure that you seek the help of a therapist or psychiatrist. Getting professional help doesn’t necessarily mean you will be prescribed with medications that can alter your mood. In fact, experts agree that the non-pharmacological approach is the best way to deal with anxiety.

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