Why Should You Try an Elimination Diet – Ten Reasons

Why Should You Try an Elimination Diet – Ten Reasons

Looking for the correct diet can overwhelm anyone. There are a lot to choose from – vegan, paleo, gluten-free, ketogenic, macrobiotic, vegetarian, and the list goes on. And because it’s articles online often contradict one another, it just puts people off to try anything.

I’ve practice functional medicine for quite some time, and I have to say, what I recommend the most is the elimination diet.

The elimination diet is the best diet I have come across. It’s easy to understand. For a few weeks, simply remove the food that cause you problems, and focus on consuming real, healthy food.

I myself have gone through the elimination diet, and I have to say, the results were amazing. I had better energy levels, my digestion was better, I slept better, and my skin was clearer. I felt better than I did in a long time.

Check out the ten health advantages you can gain from this diet.

1. Great against Inflammation

Inflammation is common to a lot of chronic health issues, from exhaustion to obesity. Inflammation management is important for you to stay healthy. The elimination diet eliminates food that trigger inflammation.

2. Energy booster

Do you often feel exhausted at certain points of the day? When you eliminate food that irritates your body for about two months, your body can function at maximum strength.

3. Discover food you can’t tolerate

Do you ever experience feeling bloated or exhausted after eating? Or maybe, you don’t feel well at after a meal? The elimination diet with pinpoint the food that makes your feel uncomfortable because during the reintroduction phase, you’ll figure out exactly which food are the culprits.

4. Discover food your body likes best

Since you’ll know what food makes your body feel bad, you’ll also find out which food makes your body function like a well-oiled machine. The elimination diet will require you to focus on the healthiest kinds of food in the world.

5. Come up with the best diet plan for you

Since each of us is different, the kinds of food that works best for each of us are also different. Even healthy food may cause problems to other people. And since the elimination diet lets you know which food works and which ones don’t, you can come up with a plan that’s tailored for you.

6. Heal your gut

Since ancient times, it is believed that all sickness comes from the gut. Today, it is widely-known that the gut is involved in almost all chronic health issues. The elimination diet starts healing the gut by taking out the food that damages the gut and puts in food that heals the gut. This will cause a reversal in many gut issues such as leaky gut syndrome.

7. Immunity booster

Among the food that is eliminated in the diet are the kinds that have negative effects on your immune system. This leads to a more fortified immune system, which is essential against sickness.

8. Reduction of food that has gone through processing

This diet removes all junk food or any kind that do not have any essential nutrients. You can begin eating healthy, which is always a good thing for your body.

9. Pamper yourself with some tender loving care

It’s ironic that this is called an elimination diet since it’s not “dieting”. You don’t deprive yourself of food. You don’t prevent yourself from consuming tasty meals. The elimination diet’s purpose is to help you find out that kinds of food are not good for you. In my experience, people normally like to feel great more than they like food. Let your body take a break. Give it nourishment.

10. Be more aware of what you eat

Does emotions lead you to eat? Do you eat compulsively? Stop dieting if it means you’ll starve. You’ll be doing yourself a favor. A lot of physiological factors comprise the body. These factors need nourishment through healthy food. Help the body function like it should.


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