Trampoline Exercises for Toned Tummy

People often do sit-ups and crunches when it comes to toning their tummy but doing these exercises time and time again can be pretty boring. Even going to the gym can lose its excitement when you’re no longer getting the results that you are looking for. The good news though is that there are ways in which you can tone your stubborn midsection and one of them is jumping up and down a trampoline.

What’s great about exercising on a trampoline is that aside from helping flatten your stomach, your entire body can also be worked out.So what trampoline workouts can help tone your tummy?

Here are some examples that you should try.

Warm up. As with any workout program, you will need to warm your muscles up first to avoid injuring yourself. Jumping lightly up and down the trampoline with your feet close to the surface of the trampoline should be enough to get your heart rate up. Do this for five minutes.

Jumping jacks. Once you have warmed up, you can move on to jumping jacks. Jumping jacks target your entire body and can help remove those stubborn fats that are clinging stubbornly on your midsection. To really work your midsection, engage your abdominal muscles as you jump up and down. Do 50 jumping jacks then rest for a minute.

Jogging in place. Another exercise that you can do on a trampoline that will target your abs is jogging in place. To do this, raise one knee to the same height as your waist then the other. Continue alternating your movement for three to four minutes before resting.

Body twist. Here’s another workout that you can perform on a trampoline that will work your abdominal muscles out. Bounce up and down on the trampoline to get lift. When you gain height, bring your arms up to chest height with your elbows jutting out then twist your torso to the left while your legs twist to the opposite direction. Do the same steps but twist to the other side. Keep repeating this for a full minute before resting.

The twist. Another version of the body twist, in this exercise, you will be rotating your entire body in one direction upon jumping so you will land facing another direction from where you started. Spread your arms as you turn if you like to work your muscles further.

Jumping knee tucks. To complete your abdominal workout on the trampoline, you should add jumping knee tucks. As the name suggests, as you bounce up the trampoline, you will be bringing your knees close to your chest then extend your legs as you land back down. Do this for a full minute before resting.

These trampoline exercises will definitely give your core muscles a tough workout as you try to balance yourself on the trampoline while jumping up and down. Add the different movements of your arms and legs and you know that your entire body will get a nice workout in just a few minutes.











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