Healthy Picks Top Spices to Make You Lose Weight

Top Spices to Make You Lose Weight

Losing weight is always a challenge especially with all the tempting food out there. And although we’ve been exercising and going on a diet, when faced with some delicious dishes, it’s hard to say no. Most of us are willing to try out whatever diet program there is, or even use supplements to help stimulate weight loss, but if you are worried about any side effects, why not look for natural methods such as using spices to help you shed weight?

We use spices when we cook, true, but are we aware of what can they actually do for us? You might be surprised to find that the spices in your pantry are actually good for your health and weight loss too. Here are a few spices that you should try out.


Cardamom has been used for ages to help solve digestive issues and is typically used in making tea. Studies show that this spice can help reduce your sugar cravings and even help freshen your breath up too. You can add it to your soups and stews for its mild taste and aroma, plus it can help improve your digestive system too.


Another spice that can help you with your weight loss goal is turmeric. Cur cumin, which is the active ingredient in this spice, can help reduce the buildup of fat tissue which can help fight off formation of body fat and weight gain. Another plus to adding turmeric to your diet is that it can help reduce inflammation such as from rheumatoid arthritis. It can help detoxify your liver too.


If you have cinnamon in your pantry, then you are in luck, as this spice is that can help stop your cravings reduce fat storage too. Instead of using sugar in your tea or coffee, adding a teaspoon of cinnamon to your drink, or smoothie even, can promote appetite suppression.

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Ginger is a warming spice that is packed with anti-inflammatories that can help soothe your intestinal tract. The thermogenic properties of ginger can aid your metabolism which is critical in your weight loss. It appears that ginger not only helps with your digestion, but it can also suppress your appetite too! If ever you want to lose weight, this spice is always a good option.


Dandelion is actually edible and is packed with nutrients that can slow your digestion down. This means that you will feel fuller for hours which can help you stay off from eating. This, in turn, can resort to making you lose weight, since you are consuming less calories. If you find yourself having trouble maintaining your weight, dandelion can be a good spice to add to your pantry and use it on salads if you like.

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Another type of spice that you can also try to help promote weight loss is ginseng. This has been used in many Chinese remedies and weight loss supplements add it to their list of ingredients as well. Ginseng has the ability to increase your energy levels while speeding up your metabolism which means that, if you are having trouble losing weight, adding this to your diet can be helpful.


If you fancy eating chili, then you’ll be happy to know that it helps with your weight loss too because of capsaicin. This enzyme is the one that gives peppers their heat which can stimulate your metabolism as well. Add some to your meats, soups, and stews to give them that extra kick and to support weight loss too.

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