Top 6 Success Skills for a 21st Century Employee

It has been said that students nowadays are quite advanced in the field of education as technology and the latest curriculums in schools are making them forward thinkers. Yes, this is great especially when it means that your children will be prepared for better jobs but it might be that we are not really teaching them what they need. It’s true that introducing technology at such a young age can make them ready for tougher jobs as soon as they graduate but there are some skills that they may be lacking which we should inculcate too. Here are 6 success skills that every 21st century employee must have.


Most of the time, we are relying on someone to take up the mantle of being the leader but you see, everyone can actually become the head of a group. It’s true that there will be someone who is the boss in a company, and will be the one to direct the team, but this doesn’t mean that they will be the one who will do the whole thing. Companies nowadays are employing cross-disciplinary approach where employees are also asked to join in the decision making of certain projects.


The problem with some employees and students even is that there is no accountability for their actions. Accountability is sorely lacking in many classrooms and work force to the point that, even when we make a mistake, we aren’t held to task. If you want to become successful in your work, you will need to learn that you are the one who is responsible for your actions and that, even if you make a mistake, you will have to accept your role in it and not pass the blame to others.


There is a common misconception that what we learn in school is limited to that. There is no growth or pursuing of new thoughts, ideas, and concepts. Just because you graduated as an IT, it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn new things or try new skills that are related to your field. Remember, what you are doing in your work may not work well with others. We should learn to adapt as much as possible because this will help us learn new things in the process.

Critical thinking

Another skill that you should acquire while you are in school is critical thinking. The problem with some schools and universities is that that they spoon feed information to their students to the point that they don’t really think for themselves. This is something that you should avoid as much as possible because you need to learn the value of thinking for yourself. Engage in discussions that will force you to use your knowledge.


You are not the only one in this world who can do everything which is why you need to consider to collaborate. Working with others not only foster good relationships, but you’ll also learn to create new things in a faster and smarter way too.


Most of us rely on social media nowadays to communicate with others that we forget how to interact with others in a personal level. With that being said, the lack of proper communication is often the source of many problems hence we need to retrain ourselves to talk at a more personal level. It is through proper communication that you can become successful in what you do.

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