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Top 10 Vodka Remedies

When you see a bottle of Vodka, you immediately get flashbacks of the fun times you had with your family and the epic weekend night outs you had with your friends.

Vodka also helps some people get over a bad breakup or unwind after a long, stressful day at work. It’s no secret that Vodka is used to celebrate the highs and deal with the lows, but did you know that it can also be used as a remedy? Nope, we’re not talking about a breakup remedy come on, Vodka can do better than that.

We’re talking about real, legit household remedies. Did you know that a small amount of Vodka can speed up your recovery form common ailments? Or that it can help treat stinky feet? Yes, we know it sounds weird and you’re probably doubtful but read on.

Ladies and gentlemen, the top ten weird but legit Vodka home remedies:

Vodka Remedy Number One: Clothes

Have you ever tried washing your clothes only to find out that they still smell weird afterwards? We found the perfect solution for this situation: put some vodka in a spray bottle and spray it on your clothes once you’re done washing them. You may also spray Vodka on your other laundry items. Leave the clothes under the sun to dry. Once they dry, you will notice that the smell of Vodka and unwanted odors are gone.

Vodka Remedy Number Two: Surface Cleaner

Are you annoyed by the appearance of smears and blemishes on our desktop or laptop monitor? Pour some Vodka in a glass and drink some to calm yourself down. When you’re done, use the Vodka to clean your gadgets and watch how it miraculously removes all the unwanted marks. You can also use Vodka to clean your sunglasses and jewelry. Just put some Vodka solution in a bowl, soak the jewelry for a few minutes, and then scrub gently. You can also use the same solution to disinfect and clean your razor blades.

Vodka Remedy Number Three: Treatment for Blisters

Ah blisters. The number one enemy of athletes and people who are required to wear leather or high heeled shoes five days a week. You can get some relief from the itching and pain by pouring some Vodka over the bruises and cut skin. Now you know that you can use Vodka as a local anaesthetic.

Vodka Remedy Number Four: Stain Remover

When you spend your own hard-earned money to buy clothes, it get very frustrating when they get lipstick or ink stains by accident. You can remove these stains by applying Vodka on them. Gently rub (and add some more Vodka if needed) to remove stubborn stains instantly. If you want your garments to look fresh and clean, you may also use Vodka.

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Vodka Remedy Number Five: Hair

Get shiny, bouncy, and silk hair by adding a small amount of Vodka to your regular shampoo. You can chase it with a mild conditioner after to seal in the moisture. Vodka neutralizes the negative effects that minerals and hard water have on the hair scalp. It can also provide nutrients to hair that’s dull, dry, and frizzy.

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Vodka Remedy Number Six: Ear and Teeth

Vodka has the ability to get rid of the bacteria that triggered the tooth ache. It can also help alleviate pain in your ears. Just be cautious when putting drops of Vodka in the mouth or ears.

Vodka Remedy Number Seven: Mouthwash

As we mentioned earlier, Vodka has anti-bacterial properties that can help treat bacterial infection. This usually happens when food is not chewed properly. Gargle a small amount of Vodka in your mouth to get rid of the infection.

Vodka Remedy Number Eight: Herbal Tinctures

Here’s another reason to drink Vodka when you’re experiencing common ailments such as flu and colds: it can speed up your recovery. Pick out the fresh herbs that you like and add some Vodka. Ratio should be 1:2.

Vodka Remedy Number Nine: Get Rid of Foot Odor

If you have stinky feet, place them in a basin filled with water and some Vodka. This will get rid of odor-causing bacteria and odor. Use a soft, clean towel to dry your feet after. This will also remove the Vodka smell from your feet.

Vodka Remedy Number Ten: It Cures Fever

Apply some Vodka to your forehead when you’re down with fever for a quick relief.

You can also soak a clean cloth in a basin filled with water and Vodka, then place it on your chest for relief.

So now that you know about the different uses of Vodka, you might want to think twice before chugging down the entire bottle. The next time you go out for a drink with your friends or celebrate special events with your family, save some Vodka because someday, it might come in handy.

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