Top 10 Healing Herbs That You Should Have in Your Garden

Do you rush to the pharmacy when you have a headache, cold or an achy wrist? Why do that when you can set foot in your garden instead to gather some herbs proven for so many years now to be effective against all sorts of health problems that normally bug us?

Make sure that your garden is never without the following herbs with superb healing properties:


A few peppermint leaves may be steeped in a cup of hot water for several minutes, and then slowly consumed if you have indigestion or excess gas. Crushing a leaf and sniffing it is a great remedy for nausea and dizziness.

Lemon Balm

The flowers of lemon balm, which commonly bloom in summertime, may be pounded and applied on mosquito bites. The same step may be done if you want to attain relief from skin sores.


Having basil in your garden will definitely come in handy if you want to make homemade pesto. It’s also something that you may turn into tea for relieving excess gas and loss of appetite, as well as for disinfecting minor wounds.


Freshly-brewed sage tea is very good in easing an achy tummy. When allowed to cool to room temperature, you may use it as mouth rinse to help deal with gum inflammation, as well as a skin disinfectant.


The presence of lavender can definitely make your garden look fantastic. More importantly, you can add the herb to your bathwater for relaxation, or turn it into tea to combat the likes of headaches, stress and anxiety.


This flowering herb can also make your garden a stunner. You can rely on chamomile if you want to enjoy an all-natural and a side effect-free remedy for the likes of insomnia and mild depression.


Something as simple as whipping up dishes with rosemary more often is said to help lower cancer risk. The herb is also revered for its ability to save the brain cells from damage and degeneration.

Pot Marigold

Its bright-orange flowers may be pounded and used for treating pimples and acne, as well as for disinfecting minor wounds and burns. Turning it into tea is a superb remedy for an upset stomach.


Most people regard comfrey as a weed, but it is actually a very helpful herb. That’s because it’s something that can open up the airways, reduce joint pain and lower one’s risk osteoporosis.

Aloe Vera

No home garden filled with healing herbs would be complete without aloe vera in it. The gel inside every leaf is a highly effective remedy for a variety of skin problems, from minor cuts and burns to fine lines and wrinkles.




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