Tooth Powder Ingredients to Try

When it comes to our oral hygiene, we often swear by the toothpaste that we use everyday. After all, it’s the same brand that our parents used, right? Well, if you are among those who are into avoiding all products that contain harsh chemicals in them, your toothpaste has got to go. It’s because it is jampacked with ingredients that are not doing your teeth any good. Here are a few examples on what you’ll find in your regular toothpaste:


This is often used in toothpaste to give it that pasty feel to it, but it is also preventing your teeth from remineralization.


Another ingredient that makes up most of the toothpastes today is fluoride. The problem with this ingredient is that it can lead to weakened bones, low IQ in kids, and even thyroid suppression as well.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to your usual toothpaste brands and that is to make your own tooth powder which basically contains some of these ingredients:

Baking soda

Baking soda is a type of mild abrasive that can help you polish your teeth to bring back their natural whiteness. Not only that, but it can also help remove those coffee stains on your teeth too. Another plus to this ingredient is that it helps make your breath fresh.


Well, your tooth powder may not be palatable to the mouth just like the taste of toothpaste, but this can be solved with stevia. It’s a natural sweetener which makes your tooth powder more interesting.

Cinnamon and clove powder

What other ingredients go into your tooth powder? Cinnamon and clove powders are both useful because they prevent bacteria from growing in your mouth. These two are going to be helpful in keeping your oral health in tip top shape.

Sea salt

Unrefined sea salts usually contain about 60+ trace minerals that are ideal for your teeth’s remineralization. Add to that the fact that sea salt works as an antiseptic so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find that it is actually a useful ingredient with your tooth powder.

To make your tooth powder, simply combine these ingredients in a small stainless bowl, and other ingredients if you wish, then transfer into a small bottle. To use this, mix a small amount with water to create a paste and use it to brush your teeth with. You will see some healthy changes to your oral health after a while.

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