Tips on How to Lose Weight When Thyroid is Not Working

If you have a thyroid condition or are suffering from an imbalance of hormones being produced by your thyroid, it’s going to be tough to lose weight. Even if you’ve been doing workouts, diets, and taking medications for thyroid, it is still a battle trying to get rid of every pound that you are trying to lose. Well, it is possible that inflammation is the likely culprit behind this. You may not know it, but there are some types of food that you are eating that is causing the inflammation which, in turn, can prevent your body from losing weight. You will need to properly be tested because of this to ensure that any trigger will be addressed.

So how do you lose weight when your thyroid is acting up? Well, here are a few tips that you might want to start with.

Regulating metabolic set point

The set point is basically what the brain’s idea of an ideal weight for your body which is often handled by your hypothalamus. However, there are several factors that can change the set point of your body such as yo-yo dieting, certain medications, and even aging. Regulating your set point through treating inflammatory diseases, taking thyroid medications, as well as following a regular diet and exercise plan will help you manage your set point easily.

Go gentle in your workouts

It is a common mistake that, in order to lose weight, we need to spend hours working out. Although exercising all the time does help with lowering your weight and toning your body, gentle exercises that are incorporated into your daily routine can yield better results plus there is less inflammation to worry about too.

Alter brain chemistry

The feeling of hunger is closely linked to your brain’s chemistry. When you need energy, the brain releases neurotransmitter that makes you feel hungry. This system, unfortunately, can be altered when you have thyroid problems. For example, if the appetite level that your brain is suggesting is too high for your slow metabolism, the end result will be weight gain. If you are stressed, the release of serotonin will be hampered as well as the neurotransmitters being emitted from your brain. The good news is that you can take steps to alter your brain’s chemistry and one of them is by using herbal treatments and doing aerobics too.


The amount of water that we need to drink per day depends mostly on our activities and needs. For those who have a chronic illness, it is important that you stay hydrated as much as possible so that any toxins or chemicals that linger in the body can be eliminated. This way, there is less inflammation being triggered and you’ll get to manage your weight too at the same time.

Fix your diet

Following different diets or going on a diet when you feel like it is not really recommended as this can lead to your weight going up and down. This is not really recommended especially when your thyroid is not functioning well. Fix your diet by determining which foods are causing inflammation in your body then swap healthier food options so you will be able to regulate your weight as much as possible. 

These are just a few tips on how you can manage to lose weight even when your thyroid is acting up. It is understandable that having thyroid problems can wreak havoc to your weight, but these steps may help you out. Make sure that you have your thyroid tested so you will have an idea on what steps to use.

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