FitnessTips to Making Breast Bigger

Tips to Making Breast Bigger

Wanting bigger breast shouldn’t be something you should be ashamed of. There is a certain obsession when it comes to getting bigger breast that there are always new ways and tricks to make them bigger or at least appear bigger. According to recent surveys, that most average adult women prefer to have bigger breast and are willing to try different techniques to get them. However, a lot of women would prefer techniques that will not require them to go under the knife. There are different items, products and procedures that can help give you larger breast. To help you find the ones that would best fit your ideas here are a few tips to making your breast bigger. If you are still going through puberty, try to caution with some of these tips, especially ones that will affect your growth.

Chest Exercise

Doing exercises such as pushups, arm swings, lifting dumbbells and other exercises that can help tone and strengthen your pectoral muscles can help with your breast size. Toning this muscle can help give you firmer breast and the appearance of larger ones. Increasing the muscle size can also help increase its size. Though, if you really do have small breast – no matter the amount of pectoral exercise you do you will not grow a cup size. It can only help tone it.

Gaining Weight

Adding a bit more weight can help give you a naturally bigger breast. A few pounds can do wonders. It can add more curves to your body, such as the chest and hips. Your breast tends to fill out when you gain weight. You may not want to gain weight just to get bigger breast, but it is one of the easiest and non-surgical thing you can do. However, there are certain that do not experience fat distribution than most people. Some may only acquire them in their stomach or their thighs. This can be affected by your genes. If your family is prone to not gaining weight on your chest area during weight gain, there is also a huge chance you will too. If you do want to gain weight do not binge on unhealthy food since there is a bigger chance that it will become unhealthy fat that usually is stored in your stomach or thighs.


Estrogen is a female hormone that is responsible for the size of your breast. Our body naturally produces this hormone during puberty and even until our early twenties. Eating a diet filled with estrogen rich food can help increase breast size. A few examples of estrogen rich foods are kidney beans, fenugreek seed, dairy products, lentils, oregano, plums, apples, wheat, barley, beets, carrots, lima beans and chickpeas. Phytoestrogen can also help increase size. Some doctor will advise you to take some phytoestrogen tablets pre-menopausal to help increase breast tissue. There are lots of foods that contain this such as cashews, green tea and raspberries. However, take caution when it comes to estrogen pills. Do not use them if you only want bigger breast. Medications that are known to increase breast size are linked to blood clots and breast cancer.

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Makeup can do almost anything now. You can contour your face to give you sharper cheekbones, wing your eyeliner to give you smaller eyes and even make your breast appear bigger. There are several tutorials you can find to help with this. It’s best to opt for waterproof products to prevent streaks or fading when you get sweaty. Also try to look at it in natural light before going out. Some products may appear blended indoors, but appear dark and heavy in natural light.

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Just wearing the right bra size can help make your breast appear bigger. Eight out of ten women wear the wrong bra size, giving them smaller looking breast. The next time you go shopping, go to a store that specializes on undergarments. They can help you with the right size and fit. If wearing the right size isn’t enough, you can always opt for wonder bras and water bras.


There are now minor surgeries that can help give you bigger breast. These are a type of procedure that uses an injectable product on the chest. The results will usually last for 24 hours. They call it the temporary breast augmentation. If you do plan to get one, make sure to go to a licensed medical professional. If you really want something more permanent and is willing to go under the knife, look up breast augmentation.

Keep in mind that your breast size can still change through your early 20s and can change from other factors. Pregnancy, weight loss, weight gain, going on the pill and other thing can affect your breast size. If you are considering getting surgery make sure that your doctor is reputable and that the materials, they would be using is completely safe. Before you take any medication that can help increase your best make sure to consult your doctor. Your diet can play a huge role in your breast size too. You can do a bit of research on certain foods that can help with your breast size.









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