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Tips on Maintaining 20/20 Vision

According to experts, about 80 percent of all the information you perceive around you is made possible by your vision — the remaining 20 percent are courtesy of your hearing, touch, taste and smell. Needless to say, it is very important to keep your perfect vision intact. And incidentally, this article will tell you a few tips on how to make that happen!

So many people have heard of the so-called 20/20 vision, but the truth is not a lot of them actually know what it means except for the fact that it is regarded as perfect vision.

Well, they are correct — 20/20 vision is the one that is universally accepted as perfect vision. So if you’re told by your eye doctor that your vision is 20/20, congratulations!

Put simply 20/20 vision means that you are able to see the size 20 letters on an eye chart that is 20 feet away from you. The first number denotes the distance, and the second number refers to the size of the letters. If your vision is not perfect, then you can expect the numbers to change dramatically. If you can discern only the size 40 letters on an eye chart that is posted on a wall 20 feet away, then your vision is 20/40.

Now that you know why perfect vision is oftentimes referred to 20/20 vision, it’s time for us to know some of the things that you may do to keep your vision as such:

Opt for a Well-Balanced Diet

Just like when trying to ward off any other health issue, having a well-balanced diet is very important for keeping your 20/20 vision intact, Make sure that you include a lot of brightly-colored fruits and vegetables in your diet such as oranges, mangoes, papaya, watermelon, carrots, red bell peppers, squash, sweet potatoes and leafy greens because all of them are excellent sources of vitamin A which is crucial for keeping the eyes and vision in an excellent state.

Let Your Eyes Rest

In this digital age when people spend so many hours in front of the TV, computer screen and smartphone display panel, it can be very easy for everyone’s eyesight to be put in peril. If you wish to keep your 20/20 vision intact, then give your peepers plenty of rest. Just remember the 20-20-20 rule — every 20 minutes, focus your eyes on something that is about 20 feet away from you, which you have to do for 20 seconds.

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Use Contact Lenses Properly

You can easily damage your cornea (the transparent covering of the front of your eyes) if you do not practice correct usage of your contact lenses, and it’s something that can rob you of your perfect vision. If your contact lenses are not the extended wear kinds, remove them before going to bed. Disposable contact lenses should not be used beyond their replacement schedule. And also, use lubricating and cleaning solutions intended for contact lenses.

Put on a Pair of Sunglasses

Everyone knows that donning sunglasses can help stave off the development of wrinkles around the eye area. Did you know that the use of sunglasses outdoors during the day can also help in maintaining 20/20 vision? Also, always remember to use safety glasses or goggles when engaging in a DIY home project or any other activity that can cause dirt, debris and chemicals to get in your peepers and cause eye and vision damage.

Quit Cigarette Smoking

It’s no secret that smoking cigarettes is something that can bring about so many serious health issues, and some of those are problems concerning the eyes. According to eye doctors, cigarette smoking can considerably increase a person’s risk of developing certain age-related eye problems such as cataracts and macular degeneration. So if you want to enjoy 20/20 vision for as long as you live, see to it that you turn your back completely on cigarette smoking.

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