Lifestyle Tips on Controlling Late-Night Snacking

Tips on Controlling Late-Night Snacking

More often than not, late-night snacking is just craving and not genuine hunger. The next time you feel getting out of bed to raid the refrigerator, should you give in? Read on to find out!

There are a couple of reasons why making a habit out of late-night snacking is a terrible idea:

It’s something that can make you gain excess pounds. Except for water, any other thing that you put in your mouth has calories. It only means that having a tall glass of milk chocolate or slice of red velvet cake is sure to cause the calories to pile up. If you’re trying to lose weight or stay within your ideal weight, it can be an issue. 

It can leave you with a bout of indigestion. Lying down right after eating is not good for your stomach as it’s surely going to be upset. Especially if you suffer from acid reflux, it’s not unlikely for it to attack if you indulge in late-night snacking, especially when trigger foods are eaten. As a result, you may fail to get some sleep.

Clearly, late-night snacking is something that can wreak havoc to your figure and also your entire night. So how can you keep this nasty habit at bay? Here are some of the best tips to control late-night snacking:

Indulge in a Satisfying Dinner

Just because it is said that you should have breakfast like a king, enjoy lunch like a prince and eat dinner like a pauper doesn’t mean your supper should be measly. If you do that, then it’s for certain that you will be as hungry as a wolf when it’s time to take a trip to dreamland. See to it that your supper is nourishing and satisfying.

Glug Down a Tall Glass of Water

Did you know that there are cases when what you are feeling is not really hunger, but only thirst? And that is why that late-night snacking you tend to feel at bedtime may simply be a sign that you need to hydrate your body. Clearly, what you need to do is consume a tall glass of water than steal a slice or two of pizza stashed in the fridge.

Or Have a Cup of Herbal Tea

Aside from drinking water which is entirely boring, you may try brewing yourself a cup of herbal tea. Worry not because all herbal teas are devoid of caffeine, unlike black or green tea. It’s a great idea to go for an herbal tea with sedating properties like chamomile and jasmine so that you will be left with no opportunity to think about snacking.

Have a Piece of Fruit

If a glass of water or cup of herbal tea fails to put an end to your late-night snacking desire, then give in. But this doesn’t mean that you should have a donut or muffin. What you should reach for is a piece of fruit like banana or apple. Because of its natural sugar content, your blood glucose levels will get stabilized, zapping your hunger.

Brush Your Pearly Whites

One of the niftiest tips for curbing the appetite is brushing the teeth — the menthol flavoring of toothpaste is a very good zapper of cravings. You may also count on this tip if you are being bugged by late-night snacking. If you have mint-flavored gum that’s sugar-free within your easy reach, you may also pop it in your mouth.

Get Your Mind Busy With Something

It can be extremely challenging to fend off late-night snacking if your attention is solely focused on it. What you need to do is engage in something that you find enjoyable or interesting in bed, like reading a book or watching funny video clips on your smart phone. Once your mind gets busy, that longing for a snack will vanish into thin air.

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