This Herb is Known to Curb Sugar Addiction Just Like That

Are you addicted to sugar? Do you have diabetes and were told by your doctor to control your sugar intake? Then this article is for you because it will get you acquainted with an herb so effective at getting rid of sugar addiction and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels that it is known as the “sugar destroyer”.

But before we proceed, it’s important to note that you should never try any herb for therapeutic purposes without first telling your doctor about your plan. This is especially true if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or you have a known medical condition and/or you are taking prescription drugs for it.

Make sure that you repost this article on social media so that your family and friends who are hooked on sugar or told by their doctors that they have high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) or diabetes may be able to read it.

This herb that is scientifically-proven to curb sugar addiction as well as reduce blood sugar levels in the blood is called gymnema. The name of this herb is Hindi, and in English it means “sugar destroyer”. It is native to Africa and India, and has been an important herb in the world of Ayurvedic healing.

According to scientists, there are a bunch of reasons why gymnema works wonderfully:

It contains certain substances that are capable of hampering the absorption of sugar in the intestines. As a result, excess amounts of sugar in food are swept out of the body each time you move your bowels. 

It encourages the regeneration of the cells of the pancreas. Your pancreas is a small organ that assists in the process of digestion. It’s also the one where insulin is produced and secreted. 

It optimizes the production of the insulin since the pancreas is kept in an excellent shape. Insulin is a hormone that enables sugar molecules in the bloodstream to enter the cells where they can be used as fuel.

Many people who have tried using gymnema for putting an end to their sugar addiction said that the herb was highly effective. In fact, some of them claimed that gymnema caused anything containing sugar to taste unpalatable.

However, it’s not just for ending sugar addiction and managing diabetes that gymnema may be used for. Actually, some herbal experts recommend this herb for weight reduction. It’s no secret that one of the reasons for weight gain is unhealthy eating habits, most especially the consumption of foods containing lots of sugar.

By inhibiting a person’s urge to consume sugar-containing foods in excessive amounts, the overall intake of calories can be considerably reduced, thus keeping the formation of fat at bay. The fact that gymnema also prevents sugar absorption in the intestines adds to the weight-reducing abilities of the herb.

There are instances, too, in which gymnema is recommended for individuals with high bad cholesterol in their bodies. Having bad cholesterol levels that go beyond what’s regarded as normal and healthy can considerably increase a person’s risk of having high blood pressure and heart disease since excess bad cholesterol can collect in the inner lining of the arteries, causing a problem with blood circulation.

Currently, you can easily get your hands on gymnema in the form of teas and capsules. Often, they are marketed for those who are suffering from diabetes or prediabetes and in dire need of keeping their blood sugar levels normal.

However, many are also taking advantage of those teas and capsules containing gymnema in considerably reducing their addiction to anything that contains lots of sugar, as well as those who cannot see dramatic weight loss results through regular exercise and healthy eating habits.

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