Lifestyle Things That Destroy Your Hair Color

Things That Destroy Your Hair Color

After sitting in the salon chair for hours and staring at yourself in the mirror you finally get that pretty hair color you’ve always wanted. You spend a good amount of money on it too. You go home and wonder how long your hair will look this good. Your blow out will go away as soon as you take a shower, but your hair color will last for a few months or more depending if it is prone to fading or require re-toning. This can cost you another trip to the salon. Managing your hair can be expensive and time consuming. So, doing anything to help maintain your hair color and making it last longer is a life saver. To help you do that, we’ve compiled some of the worst habits and things that can destroy your hair color. Read on to find out more.


Your shampoo plays a huge part in maintaining your hair color. The type you use can be damaging your hair. Harsh detergents and sulfates can penetrate through the cuticle of the hair, causing it to open up and allow color to leach out. This can even cause your hair to break more easily since the hair’s keratin also leak through. However, even sulfate free shampoos can also affect your hair color and cause it to fade faster. Shampoos that are safe for your hair color are the ones that are designed for it. Shampoos that contain sodium xylene sulfate should be avoided. This can cause your color to fade faster and give you a patchier hair. If you want to shell out a bit, there are professional shampoos that can help tone your color every time you use them.


People that do not color their hair sees changes in their natural hair color and texture after they spend a lot of time on chlorine filled water. This is mostly caused by chlorines harsh chemicals that can affect your hair cuticle. Imagine what it can do with colored hair? If you frequently go out to swim in chlorine or even salt water, you are more prone to color fading. At times sea water can even affect the tone of your hair. It can give you more of a greenish hue once it fades. You can protect your hair by washing your hair immediately as soon as you finish swimming and limit the time you spend on it.


If you are someone that prefers hot showers and baths, avoid it when you get your hair colored. Using heat on your hair will open up the cuticles. Once it opens up, the water will be absorbed by the hair, causing it to swell and allow the color to leak out. This can be easily avoided by using lukewarm water. If you are capable you can even use cold water to shower or bath. Cold water can make your hair a lot shinier and make the color more vibrant. This also goes the same when it comes to weather. If you are constantly exposed to heat, you are more prone to hair color fading. You can protect yourself from heat by using hair protecting sprays or a hat.

Styling Products

Something you may not expect that is ruining your hair color is styling products. Most styling products contain silicones, resins, polymer and other harsh chemicals that can make the hair color dull and can even darken it. Some products can even cause your hair color to fade. Continual use of styling products can cause the hair to lose its brightness and vibrancy. You can test out your styling product by applying it in a piece of paper or mirror. If it leaves a very dark or wax like substance that it is what it leaves in your hair. It can go away after a shower, but if continual use, it can cause your hair to become lifeless.

Heat Styling

If you are someone that frequently use heating tools such as hair straighteners and curlers, you are more prone to damaging your hair color. We know it can be difficult to live without your blow dryer or curling iron. Heating tools can open the cuticles and cause the hair color to fade a lot faster. Use heat styling tools that do not need a lot of time to take effect on the hair. If possible, avoid using heating tools every day. Use dry shampoos to freshen the hair to avoid using shampoo and blow drying it again. You can also use a heat protecting spray to lessen damage in the hair that can cause color fading.

Whether you’ve decided to go adventurous with bright blue hair, classic with a platinum blonde or sleek black hair, your hair color is something you need to put in the effort to. It is an investment of your time and money. Doing what it takes to help protect your hair color is vital. There are a lot of things that can affect your hair color. Above are a few of the most common ones. Another thing to remember that damage hair is more prone to destroying your hair color. The color can become patchy or faded over time. Make sure that your hair is healthy enough to color to get the ideal hair color you want. Don’t color hair when it is too dry, has a lot of split ends and is heavily damaged.














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