Fitness The Power of Hiking

The Power of Hiking

Being physically fit has its perks to our overall health. For one thing, it protects us against various diseases, ensures that our heart is working fine, strengthens the muscles, and banish stress. Staying fit is not just limited to working out in the gym, because even the simplest activities like hiking can do wonders to your health. What exactly can you get from hiking? Here are a few benefits associated to it that are worth mentioning.

It will make you happier 

One of the perks of hiking is that you it will enhance your mental and emotional state. This means that you will feel less stressed and more prone to happiness especially when you are out in the open and surrounded by nature. Since you will be focusing more on the path before you, you won’t be tempted to check out your phone which is already one step to making you feel much better. 

It can heal 

Another benefit to hiking is that it has the power to heal. There is some research that suggests that hiking can also be beneficial to cancer patients where they measured the oxidative stress that they experience before hiking and after. According to the research, there was a significant reduction to the oxidative stress after going on long hikes in cancer patients. The study is still inconclusive but it does look promising to those that are suffering from health issues. 

It improves bone density 

Hiking is also good for increasing your bone density as the bones build tolerance as you go up and down the trail. This essential for strengthening the bones so you won’t be prone to sprains, fractures, and broken bones. 

It can boost your creativity 

They say that drinking caffeine can help boost your creativity especially on those days when your energy levels are low but it appears that there is a much better fix to boosting your creativity which is to go outdoors and hike. Studies show that hiking can actually improve your creativity levels by 50%. This may be due to the fact that you are completely unplugged from technology. Aside from the lack of technology, getting a healthy dose of sunshine, breathing fresh air, and listening to the rustling of leaves and the animals around you can also improve your mental capacity. 

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It keeps your weight down 

Another benefit linked to hiking is that it can help you keep your weight down. Just think, an hour of hiking is already equivalent to 500 calories burned and counting. So if you want a different way of losing weight, you should definitely try hiking. 

It can make you sleep better 

If you are having a hard time falling asleep, you will be surprised on how easier it will be to drift off to sleep after a long hike. The best thing about hiking is that it lets you fall asleep without causing you to wake up in the middle of night. This means that you will become more relaxed and refreshed the next day.

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