Healthy Picks Tamarinds: Why we Should Eat Them

Tamarinds: Why we Should Eat Them

A tamarind is a fruit from south Asia. It has many uses such as to flavor drinks and prepare food. It has fiber, compounds, minerals and vitamins. It is quite beneficial to your health. We compiled seven facts that could convince you to eat tamarinds.

It’s great for digestion.

Tamarinds can be found in traditional medicine. They can be laxatives and can naturally aid children who suffer from intestinal worms. It’s also great for disorders like acid reflux disease and bile disorders. Tamarind pulps have a lot of fiber that is very potent against constipation. The covering of the seed can be used to treat dysentery and diarrhea.

It can help prevent cancer of the colon.

The tartaric acid in tamarinds is a very potent anti-oxidant which provides protection against dangerous free radicals. Tamarind fiber protects the colon against chemicals that cause cancer, as it binds with the harmful toxins.

It can aid in controlling blood pressure.

Tamarind has potassium which regulates fluid in the body and aids in controlling both blood pressure and heart rates. It also has iron which helps the body produce red blood cells.

It can keep cholesterol levels balanced.

Tamarind pulps are also great for decreasing cholesterol levels if they get too high. This lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

It can be beneficial for your eyes.

Tamarinds have a lot of vitamin A which is important for your eyesight both right now and in the long run. It also has a chemical that protects and treats eyes when they dry up.

It can protect you from infection.

Tamarind is an excellent protector. It guards us against scurvy, the common cold and other kinds of infections. It fortifies our body’s defenses and it can be great against fevers.

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It’s wonderful for your skin.

All the anti-oxidants in the fruit protect your skin against free radicals. In addition to that, tamarinds can be used in the treatment of minor burns and it can help the skin heal faster from infections.

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