Healthy PicksTake Look at These Health Benefits of Lauki Juice...

Take Look at These Health Benefits of Lauki Juice (No. 5 is Unbelievable)

In India, lauki is popularly consumed as a vegetable. But elsewhere on the planet, it is usually turned into juice. If you haven’t tried drinking this beverage, then it’s high time that you do so because it offers lots of health benefits, and many of them are simply hard to believe!

What makes every glass of lauki juice so good for you is the fact that it is loaded with the likes of iron, potassium, zinc, and vitamin C. It also supplies your body with B vitamins. Lauki juice is a wonderful source of fiber and antioxidants, too. In other words, this beverage is one of the healthiest drinks out there.

If you’re wondering what sort of good stuff that a serving of lauki juice a day can offer, then continue reading. Below will take away all of the guesswork — you will come across some of the most impressive health benefits that drinking freshly-made lauki juice can bring:

Increased Immunity

Consuming a glass of lauki juice on a regular basis can help in making your immune system strong. This only means that it can make your body more capable of defending itself against invading bacteria and viruses. For instance, you will find that you are more resistant to the common cold or flu — even when it seems like everybody has it!

Warded Off Constipation

Including fiber-rich foods in your diet and drinking plenty of fluids are some of the most important steps that you should take if you don’t want to be bugged by constipation. A very simple way to have those conditions fulfilled is by drinking lauki juice because it’s packed with both dietary fiber and water.

Prevented Sugar Spikes

Diabetics and those who are told by their doctors that they’re at high risk of having the disease should also take lauki juice on a regular basis. That’s because the good amounts of fiber it contains can help in regulating the amount of sugar that gets to the blood stream, thus preventing spikes in blood sugar levels.

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Controlled Blood Pressure

One of the many, many nutrients present in every glass of lauki juice is potassium. It’s because of this why the beverage is recommended for people who are hypertensive, which means they have high blood pressure. Potassium helps control hypertension by causing the blood vessels to become wider.

Lowered Cancer Risk

Earlier, it was mentioned that lauki juice supplies your body with antioxidants. This is exactly the reason why consuming it as regularly as you can may help in fighting off cancer. Do your best to make a fresh serving of lauki juice each time. And also, consume it immediately to ensure that those cancer-fighting antioxidants are all intact.

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Beautified Skin

Consuming lauki juice on a daily basis can help in slowing down the aging of your skin, courtesy of the loads of free radical-fighting antioxidants it contains. Also, vitamin C present in lauki juice is essential for the production of collagen, a type of protein that makes the skin less susceptible to wrinkling and sagging.

Inhibited Hair Graying

Many take lauki juice to keep their hair from graying, which is something that can definitely add lots of years to a person’s appearance. Actually, lauki juice may also be employed as a hair grower. All you need to do is combine it with equal amounts of sesame oil. Massage on dry scalp and shampoo after 2 hours.

Reduced Inflammation

Lauki juice is also revered for its ability to control inflammation. Individuals who are battling osteoarthritis and often suffer from painful and achy joints can benefit tremendously from the consumption of this super healthy beverage. Lauki juice may also help fight off inflammation of the various organs, like the liver and kidneys.

Indeed, lauki juice is so healthy. It’s just a bummer that it isn’t as popular as other juices out there. By sharing this article on social media, you can help spread around the perks offered by it!

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