Remedies Swollen Lips Facts and Home Remedies

Swollen Lips Facts and Home Remedies

Swollen lips may be a concern for some people, since it makes them uncomfortable, especially while eating, speaking, or doing their activities of daily living. It may be a result of trauma or a sign of anaphylaxis or a severe allergic reaction, which necessitates immediate medical response.



Various conditions may cause lip swelling. According to Medicine Net, trauma or lip injury is one possible cause. Another cause is allergic reaction to a particular food, medication, or substance. Angioedema is another potential cause. It is a condition, which involves swelling of tissue under the skin, and it usually affects the eyes and the lips. Certain infectious diseases may also involve the lips. A case in point is herpes, which is caused by the herpes simplex virus. The infection may lead to cold sores or blisters, as well as localized lip swelling. To add, inflammatory skin conditions may also result to inflammation and lip swelling. Also, medical conditions, which involve fluid retention, also present lip swelling as one of the signs and symptoms.


Accompanying Symptoms

A number of symptoms occur with swelling of the lips. According to Health Grades, these include blisters, chapped lips, change in lip color, weakness, fever, chills, headache, pain, skin sores, itchy and water eyes, nasal congestion, and runny nose. As per the publication, lip swelling may suggest a life-threatening condition, such as anaphylaxis. This condition should be promptly evaluated in the emergency unit.

Additional symptoms should also receive immediate response, as per the publication. Cyanosis or bluish discoloration of the lips or fingernails, tight feeling in the throat, general edema, rashes, hives, itching in the throat or mouth, swollen tongue, and respiratory problems like shortness of breath, wheezing, choking, labored breathing, and absence of breathing. Immediate medical care can be contacted at 911.


Home Remedies


The following are the home remedies for swollen lips.


Ice Cubes

Cold application is one of the remedies for lip swelling. According to Style Craze, using ice cubes stands as one of the most common strategies for lip selling management. The person can take ice cubes, wrap them in a washcloth and press the pack mildly over the swollen area for eight to ten minutes. It is a good practice not to use the ice cubes directly on the lips, since doing so may lead to soreness, mild frost bite, or ice burn.

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Warm Water

Heat application is also a remedy for swollen lips. According to Style Craze, the person fills a bowl with warm water. Then, he soaks a washcloth in it. Next, he takes it out and removes the excess water from the cloth. Once done, the warm cloth is applied on the lips for eight to ten minutes. The process is done again after one hour.

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Honey is another option for lip swelling. According to How Face Care, honey stands as the oldest cure for various diseases, since it has healing properties, which can treat swollen lips. As per the publication, the person moists a cotton cloth with some honey. Next, it is applied on the lips and is left on for 20 minutes, before it is washed off. A caution is that some are allergic to honey, so it might not work for them.


Black Tea Bag

Black tea also functions as a remedy for swollen lips. According to Top 10 Home Remedies, black tea contains the compounds tannins, which possess astringent properties. These decrease the swelling in the tissues of the lips. The person soaks a black tea bag in warm water for around ten minutes. Then, he removes it from the water and allows it to cool. After that, he applies it gently over the swollen lip for ten minutes. The process is done for several times a day for optimal results.

Swollen lips may not be as serious as cancer, but it can be a symptom of life-threatening conditions like anaphylaxis. Thus, it is best to have a medical consult with a physician, especially if the lip swelling is accompanied by pruritus or itching, redness, and difficulty of breathing.






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