Healthy Picks Surprising Benefits of Wasabi

Surprising Benefits of Wasabi

Have you ever thought of wasabi as being more than just a way to liven up your sushi or your maki? It appears that there is more to this plant than what we have expected. Its strong flavor is somewhat reminiscent of horseradish but its kick is something more than capsaicin. Capsaicin gives that burning sensation on your tongue while wasabi gives off some vapors that actually assault your nasal passages. Aside from this, there are quite a lot of interesting benefits to be gained when you have some wasabi. Here are a few you should know of.

Protects your heart

One of the benefits of adding wasabi to your diet is that it can help protect your cardiovascular health. This can help reduce your cholesterol levels so that you are less likely to suffer from heart attack, strokes, and the like. Taking wasabi can help break down blood clots that are forming so that you will be less likely to experience any weakness caused by poor heart health.

Promotes weight loss

Another benefit to using wasabi is that it can actually help you with your weight loss goals. This is because it contains a few calories but in high fiber content which is what you need in order to keep your belly full for hours. And because it has an intense flavor, you only need to use a small amount to give you that required amount of fiber.

Arthritis treatment

It appears that wasabi can also help fend off arthritis or swelling of the joints due to inflammation. This is because it contains antioxidants that have been found to minimize inflammation on the muscles, joints, as well as ligaments. Adding this plant to your daily diet and you will feel amazing for sure.

Immunity booster

It appears that wasabi can also be useful when it comes to enhancing your immune system as it has vitamin C in it. Since the body cannot make its own vitamin C, it needs to get it from another source hence the foods that are rich in this vitamin. Fortunately, wasabi does have a decent amount of vitamin C which can actually boost your immunity.

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Stops cavities

Who would have thought that wasabi can also help protect you against cavities? Cavities often appear because of some type of bacteria called streptococcus mutans which can be triggered by the wet and warm environment in your mouth. Eating wasabi not only removes the bacteria in your mouth but it can also help bring back the alkalinity in your mouth.

Treats respiratory problems

It appears that eating wasabi can actually help clear up any blockages in your nasal passages. When you eat wasabi, the compound allyl isothiocyanate gets released. This has been found to treat pneumonia, fight seasonal allergies, and even protect you against influenza. 

Who would have thought that eating wasabi has plenty of benefits? You might want to consider adding this to your diet to get its full benefits.

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