Surprising Benefits of Holding Hands

Holding hands is indeed a very simple gesture. It’s commonly done by married couple, dating people, best friends, siblings, and parents and children.

But are you aware that holding hands offers a number of health benefits other than just an expression of love, care, affection and closeness?

Keep on reading this article. Below you will come across some of the perks that you can enjoy from holding hands, and they’re actually backed by science.

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It Lowers Stress

Writing in your journal, listening to music, having a massage, doing yoga, taking your dog for a walk, tending to your garden — these are some popular remedies for stress.

Are you aware that you can also lower high levels of stress simply by holding someone’s hand? Of course it will help a lot if you do it with someone who cares.

It Reduces Anxiety

When you are feeling anxious, you can pop a tranquilizer in your mouth and wait for a few minutes for it to kick in. Or you may simply hold someone’s hand.

Holding hands when you are having an anxiety attack lets you know that you are not alone in this crazy world, and that is powerful enough to ease those anxious thoughts.

It Fights Off Fear

Nature designed our brains to look for hands to grab each time we’re in fear — it’s something that can easily chase away dread and all the physical symptoms it comes with.

While watching a horror movie or before speaking in front of a crowd, hold hands with someone to have your fear reduced effectively and considerably.

It Alleviates Pain

You can take an NSAID each time you are experiencing pain. Or first you may try holding hands with someone you care about and also cares about you.

Believe it or not, the simple act of clasping someone’s hand can help in making pain a lot easier to bear, saving you from the need to constantly depend on drugs especially if you have chronic pain.

It Lowers Blood Pressure

Strong emotions can cause the blood pressure to skyrocket. If you want to get your blood pressure to return to within the normal range, hold the hand of the one you’re with.

To keep high blood pressure at bay, hold hands regularly. Also, don’t forget the importance of reducing stress, quitting smoking, exercising and healthy eating.

It Increases Happiness

You can buy all of the shoes, makeup, gadgets and cars that you want, but it won’t bring you real happiness — you will only be seen as someone who is materialistic.

Happiness doesn’t come with a price tag, and one very simple way to have more of it is by holding hands, which is something that can make you feel wanted and important.

Do you love holding hands with someone you love or care about dearly? Don’t feel too shy to share in the comments section below some of the reasons why!

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