Surprising Benefits of Drinking Honey Lemon

There are plenty of healthy beverages being promoted nowadays that it is sometimes impossible to discern which ones work and which ones are just fad. Well, healthy concoctions such as honey lemon drink do have some health benefits to offer. Let’s see what this drink can offer us.

In order to understand how honey lemon drink can be beneficial to us, we need to learn more about the two ingredients first. Here’s a closer look at the two:


Honey comes from honeybees that gather them from the nectar of flowers within the vicinity. It is thick and golden and is typically used as sweetener for desserts and drinks. This is a much better option compared to granulated sugar since honey can do more than just sweeten your drink or your food, it can also deliver a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, and fiber just to name a few. It also has plenty of medical uses such as healing wounds, improving one’s skin condition, and even fighting inflammation.


This fruit has that citrusy, tart taste and is often used in cooking and beverages. What’s great about lemon juice is that it contains an active ingredient referred to as citric acid which acts as a cleaning agent in the body thanks to its antiseptic as well as antibacterial properties. It comes with high levels of phytonutrients and even antioxidants that make the lemon a useful remedy for various ailments. 

Benefits of Honey Lemon Drink 

Now that you have an idea on how powerful these two ingredients are, what will you get when you combine the two in a drink? Here are a few known benefits that are associated with honey lemon drink.

Weight loss

The combination of honey and lemon in this drink is chock full of sugar, sure, but they don’t contain much calories. What’s even better is that the density of the two can actually make your stomach feel fuller. Add to this the fact that drinking this mixture can actually improve your metabolism, and you will see a significant amount of weight loss on your part when you integrate it into your diet.

Improves digestion

The combination of honey and lemon makes an excellent tonic that can be beneficial to your digestive system. You see, when you drink lemon and honey water, gastric secretions are improved which means that your stomach will be able to break down the foods that you’ve eaten properly so the nutrients that they contain will be absorbed quickly. You’ve probably experienced bloating, stomach cramps, and gas when the food you’ve eaten wasn’t digested properly. Drinking this solution can help things move along in your digestive system.

Treats acne problems

Acne can break out at the most unexpected time but instead of worrying that your acne flare up, mixing lemon juice and honey in water can help keep this skin irritation at bay. The two ingredients can actually improve your skin’s condition because they are rich in vitamin C and comes with antibacterial properties that can actually fight off any bacteria thriving on your skin.

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