Superb Exercises for Eliminating Side Boobs

It can be hard to keep those side boobs out of everyone’s view. It’s like they have a mind of their own — the more you try to hide them, the more they make their presence known. So annoying!

Luckily, undergoing the knife is not always the solution. With patience and determination, it’s very much possible for you to have those side boobs zapped. But just a warning: you cannot get rid of them overnight. You will have to spend months and months trying to make them go away naturally, without the risk involved with having surgery.

One of the most important things you need to do is watch carefully what you eat. You really don’t have to remember a lot of things, except to stay away from anything that contains a lot of fat and sugar.

Then it’s also a must for you to regularly exercise, and some of the best ones for eliminating those side boobs are listed below. With so many different ones to choose from, you don’t have to end up bored waiting for your side boobs to disappear. At least 5 times a week for no less than 20 minutes, try doing the following exercises:


Do you hate exercising? Well, there’s something that you can do that can save you from it: walking. It is actually a form of exercise, but no one sees it that way because it is usually done by anyone at any given time, such as when shopping for groceries or taking the dog for a stroll.

What’s so nice about walking, especially if you listen to music or do it with a friend, is it cannot get boring. This means that getting rid of those side boobs need not feel like a drag. While walking, it’s a good idea to swing your arms to give those chest muscles a workout, which can help in speeding up the removal of those side boobs.


Another very fun and exciting way to deal with those side boobs is swimming. Particularly if you opt for swimming styles that engage the arms like front crawl, butterfly and breaststroke, you can say bye-bye to your side boobs soon.

But other than for making your side boobs bid you adieu, swimming is also a very good at slimming down the rest of your body because it’s a phenomenal burner of excess calories. In addition, it’s so easy on the joints — being submerged in water makes you lightweight, thus protecting your knees, lower back and other weight bearing joints.


If you are looking for a more challenging way to zap your side boobs, consider boxing! All the jabs, hooks, overhands and uppercuts you need to do target those muscles in the chest, allowing you to drive away those unsightly lumps at the sides of your breasts.

When boxing, both your heart and respiratory rates increase, helping to keep your cardiovascular system healthy. This form of exercise also helps improve your endurance, and also teaches you how to defend yourself against crooks!


Although it’s true that push-ups can easily get boring, they are some of the best forms of exercises for dealing with those side boobs. So in other words, it’s a great idea for you to do 10 to 12 push-ups each day (more as you get fitter and fitter) if you want to be side boob-free.

You may also perform planks on a regular basis. Even though they are known for targeting the core muscles, fitness experts say that they are superb eliminators of side boobs, too.


Last but not least, you can reach for those dumbbells or books or plastic containers filled with water and perform 8 to 10 sets of bicep curls up to three sets per exercise session.

While it’s true that the name of this exercise makes it clear which muscles get worked out, it also engages the muscles in the chest, making it so effective for dealing with side boobs. While those really annoying bulges under your pits are gradually shrinking, your arms will get shapelier and shapelier.

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