Stress Busting Tips for ENFPS

ENFPs individuals are those who are energetic, creative, and outgoing and love to have their freedom to do some fun stuff. These are the individuals who often come up with unique ideas as well as solutions and will be more than happy to share what they have finally figured out. Not only that, but those who fall in the ENFP personality trait are those who have a strong empathy towards others. Now, combine all these traits and you will see this in people who are good at making friends.

However, ENFPS individuals can be affected by stress too, which can affect their ability to make new friends. If they are unable to release their stress, they tend to become critical of others, blaming others, and even lashing out. What’s more, they barely see the faults that they have made which can affect their relationship with others. With that being said, working on your stress can help you get back to your natural state. Here’s how.

Pay attention to your own needs

Those who fall in this category need to take care of themselves more often especially since they are the type who do one activity to the next. The problem with this is that you are sapping yourself of energy. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that you are getting enough sleep at night and that you are eating healthy too.


You should make a it a point to include exercise as part of your daily routine since it helps release endorphins in your brain. Endorphins are the ones that help alleviate stress in your system and it can even assist in clearing your mind too. From light to intense workouts, moving your body can make you feel better soon enough.

Change your scenery

Those who belong in this group require new experiences which is why it is always a good idea to find a new place to go to. This is particularly useful when you are feeling stressed already. If you find yourself sinking into depression or becoming snarky to others because of stress, pause, take a step back, and look for new adventures that will help clear your mind.


Praying or meditating can help calm your mind so that you will be able to get back in touch yourself. Those who have to do brainstorming regularly may not be able to withstand the process as their thoughts are going into different directions. Meditating can help calm the turmoil inside of you.

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