Should You Start Eating Umeboshi Plums?

Do you love snacking on dried fruits and now you are looking for others to try? Then consider giving umeboshi plums that your local Asian grocer may be carrying. If you want to know more about these exotic treats, continue reading.

Even though they are called that way, umeboshi plums are not actually plums — they are Japan-native fruits called “ume” which are like the merging of apricots and plums. Commonly, they are fermented and then included to rice dishes or used for seasoning food, although they are also usually taken as they are with tea.

Unlike most dried fruits out there, umeboshi plums are not sweet. Instead, they boast of a sour and salty flavor.

The bad news is umeboshi plums have high sodium content, and that’s why they have to be taken in moderation. But the good news is these Japanese treats offer a handful of health benefits, courtesy of the vitamins and minerals they contain, as well as the ability to eliminate free radicals, reduce inflammation and fight off bacteria.

Just in case you happen to come across some umeboshi plums at the Asian grocery store near you, go ahead and bring home some of them. Consumed moderately, they can bring the following perks:

Healthier Gums

Because of the antibacterial properties they have, umeboshi plums can help reduce the incidence of gum disease, which is something that can easily ruin your smile. In addition, umeboshi plums are not like most dried fruits everyone is accustomed to, in a way that they are actually low in sugar.

Strengthened Teeth

Here’s another reason why umeboshi plums are good for keeping your lovely smile intact: they contain good amounts of calcium that your pearly whites need in order to stay strong and resistant to cavities.

Lowered Osteoporosis Risk

Due to the presence of calcium in every serving of umeboshi plums, your risk of osteoporosis can be considerably reduced. But since it’s a good idea to limit your intake of umeboshi plums because of their high sodium content, make sure that you also get calcium from other food sources like milk, cheese, yogurt, beans and sardines.

Controlled Diarrhea

There are two reasons why umeboshi plums are good for dealing with diarrhea. First, these Japanese treats possess superb antibacterial properties. Second, umeboshi plums are rich sources of dietary fiber.

Better Digestion

Since they supply the body with dietary fiber, umeboshi plums can help facilitate the process of digestion, thus letting your body take advantage of those nutrients in the food you eat. Those who constantly have a bout of constipation may also regularly consume umeboshi plums.

Delayed Skin Aging

Umeboshi plums are phenomenal sources of antioxidants that fight off free radicals — harmful molecules that damage healthy cells of the skin, causing your skin to age at a much faster rate.

Inflammation Control

Are you aware that there are so many health problems that are linked to chronic inflammation? If you want to lower your risk of arthritis, cancer, heart disease and others that are inflammation-related, then regularly include anti-inflammatory foods in your diet, and some of those are umeboshi plums.

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