Skin Peeling Between the Toes: Causes, Symptoms and Remedies

Your feet are some of the most abused and neglected body parts of yours. In some instances, the skin between your toes may peel. Such can be due to various reasons, and some of them will be discussed below. In addition, you will also learn about some of the best remedies for skin peeling between the toes. So keep on reading!

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There are many different reasons why the skin between the toes peels. Are you fond of wearing tight shoes just because they are trendy? Then it may be the reason why you are experiencing skin peeling between the toes — each time you’re wearing those tight pair of shoes, pressure and friction can irritate the areas between the toes.

Some other things that may cause this condition:

Contact dermatitis

Some of the materials used for making your favorite shoes can cause unfavorable reactions to your skin. Upon contact with dyes, adhesives, rubber and others, the skin between your toes as well as other parts of your feet may experience peeling, itching and reddening.


There is one kind of eczema that is very common in adults, and it is called dyshidrotic eczema. Aside from peeling skin between the toes, it’s something that can cause a bunch of other signs and symptoms. Experts say that dyshidrotic eczema can be triggered by allergies and also high levels of stress.

Athlete’s foot

Is it your habit to walk around the locker room barefoot? Or do you always wear the same pair of shoes when exercising on a daily basis? Then you may end up with athlete’s foot. No, there is no need for you to be a seasoned athlete to battle it — anyone may suffer from athlete’s foot.


Because the areas between the toes (and also many other parts of the feet) are warm and moist most of the time, they serve as the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. If those bacteria penetrate the skin through cracks or breaks, an infection called cellulitis may happen.

Trench foot

It’s not a good idea for the feet to stay wet and cold for a long period of time. That’s because experts say it’s something that can lead to what’s called trench foot. What’s so dangerous about trench foot is it can also cause damage to the nerves and blood vessels situated in the feet.


Because there are various causes, additional symptoms may be different from case to case. Aside from peeling or flaking skin, it’s not unlikely for you to also experience skin redness and itchiness. But aside from itchiness, you may also feel a burning or tingling sensation. Numbness is not uncommon, too.

Depending on the cause, the peeling of skin between the toes may also be accompanied by blisters and cracks on the skin. When touched, the area between the toes may feel warm.


Some of the causes warrant immediate medical attention, such as in the case of cellulitis and trench foot — both of them can lead to some very serious complications if not treated ASAP.

But most of the time, peeling skin between the toes is due to skin problems that can be easily remedied at home. Some of the things that you may try to deal with it include:

Apply OTC medications

Skin peeling between the toes that is due to microbial action can be remedied with the help of creams and gels that are available without a doctor’s prescription. But if the infection cannot be controlled by an OTC remedy, a doctor may prescribe a stronger one.

Keep the foot clean and dry

On a regular basis, take a shower. Make sure that your feet are completely dry before putting on your shoes — don’t forget to wear a clean pair of cotton socks each time! To keep your feet dry, it’s a good idea to dust some baking soda on them before putting on your socks and shoes.

Allow your shoes to dry completely, too

Consider having more than one pair of shoes if you are prone to encountering skin peeling between the toes and other problems concerning the feet. Alternate your shoes to give the last pair you have worn plenty of time to air and dry.

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