Simple Exercises That Help Reduce Breast Size

There are women who wish for larger breasts. But then there are also those who wish for smaller ones. While it’s a well-known fact that large breasts are deemed attractive by the society, they can be a pain in the neck, literally, for many women who actually have them.

Large breasts are commonly genetic in nature. If your breasts are on the larger side of things, then it’s not unlikely that you have lots of female relatives facing the very same issue.

However, there are instances in which large breasts are the result of being overweight or obese. Needless to say, too much fatty tissue deposited under the skin can make your breasts larger than they really are. There are also cases, experts say, in which the root cause is hormonal imbalance.

Undergoing the knife is an option for large-breasted women who want to dramatically reduce the size of their breasts. However, it’s no secret that surgery is something that comes with certain risks and side effects. Also, it tends to carry a very steep price tag!

Fortunately, for women who just want subtle reduction in breast size, there are some simple exercises that may be done. When carried out correctly and on a regular basis, results can be impressive.

So without further ado, here are some of the exercises that you may perform if you want to reduce the size of your breast without the help of a plastic surgeon:


Doing push-ups is a great way to reduce the size of your breasts. That’s because it tones the muscles in the chest, and this helps keep the breasts from sagging, which is a total nightmare for any woman with large breasts. Push-ups also help develop muscles in the shoulders, arms and upper back.

Shoulder Shrugs

Having your shoulders shrugged, which is actually a form of exercise, can help in reducing the size of your large breasts. Doing shoulder shrugs on a regular basis helps work out the upper muscles of the chest area, thus providing benefits for a large-breasted woman. For added results, you may clutch lightweight dumbbells during sessions.

Front Raises

Lifting a pair of lightweight dumbbells in front of you while keeping your arms straight is a great way to exercise the muscles under your breasts, keeping your breasts from sagging. Aside from dumbbells, you may also have other things employed — books, water bottles, shopping bags, etc.

Shoulder Presses

Do you have a gym subscription? Then make sure that you step foot in the gym on a regular basis if you want to shrink your large breasts. Using the shoulder press machine can help make your breasts become smaller as it targets all sorts of muscles of your chest. You may also do shoulder presses with free weights.


You can also shrink the size of your breasts by regularly swimming. Even waddling in the pool can deliver results because you are using your arms, which actually engage the chest muscles. Definitely, you can enjoy superb results by doing freestyles and butterflies that really employ those muscles in your chest.

Brisk Walking

Especially if you swing your arms from side to side, brisk walking on a regular basis can help in making those large breasts shrink. Brisk walking is a phenomenal exercise for everyone who likes to burn excess calories, which is important if the root cause of your large breasts is having excess pounds.


Most people refuse to exercise because exercising is boring. Well, there are lots of fun and exciting activities out there that are actually superb forms of exercise, and one of them is dancing. To target your breasts, make sure that you show off some moves that involve plenty of shoulder and arm movements. Oh, and don’t forget to shimmy!

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