FitnessSimple Exercises for Attaining That V-Shaped Back

Simple Exercises for Attaining That V-Shaped Back

Whether skinny or heavyset, a male individual can benefit tremendously from having a v-shaped back. That’s because it will add upper body bulk for someone who has a scrawny physique, and it will make the waist of someone who has a stocky figure to appear so much smaller.

So if you are looking for a way to attain a sexier back and ultimately waistline, read on. The following are some of the easiest exercises for the attainment of a v-shaped back:

Pull Up

One of the most classic and effective exercises that helps make a v-shaped back happen is pull up. It’s also a wonderful way to tone the shoulder and arm muscles. By the way, a pull up also targets the core. 

In order to get started, reach up for a pull up bar — your hands should be slightly wider than shoulder-width, and the palms of your hands should be facing forward. 

Slowly, lift your upper body as high as you can. Once your feet are off the floor, slightly bend your knees and place one foot over the other. 

Hold the position for a second, and then slowly lower your body. Don’t place your feet on the floor because you need to lift your upper body again for a number of times more. 

Perform 3 sets of pull up, each one consisting of 10 to 12 repetitions.

Dead Lift

For this exercise for giving your back an attractive v-shape, you may use a barbell or a pair of dumbbells. 

Stand up with your feet about hip-width apart. Keep your spine straight or neutral — remember to keep it that way throughout the exercise. 

If you are using a barbell, hold it in front of you with one palm facing forward and the other facing backward. Also, see to it that your grip is just outside your legs. 

If you are using a pair of barbells, just allow your arms to dangle on your sides. 

Once you’re in the right starting position, lower your hip to the floor — stop squatting the moment that your upper legs are almost parallel to the floor. Never make your knees extend farther than your feet. 

Hold the position for a second while squeezing your shoulder muscles. 

Slowly go back to the starting position. 

Do 3 sets of dead lift, with each set made up of 10 to 12 repetitions.

Barbell Row

This particular exercise for attaining a v-shaped back calls for the use of a barbell. 

Get started by grabbing a barbell, with your palms facing your body and your feet just slightly more than hip-width apart. 

Slightly bend your knees and lean forward a little, allowing your arms to dangle while carefully holding a barbell. 

Take the barbell closer to your midsection — allow the bar to almost touch your chest. 

Hold it for about a second, while making sure that your back and shoulder muscles are clenched. 

Slowly lower the barbell to the starting position. 

Do 3 sets of barbell row, each one of them consisting of 10 to 12 repetitions.

Lat Pull Down

For this exercise, you need to be at the gym because it involves the use of a pull down machine — unless of course you have one at home. 

Sit down and reach for the machine’s bar using a wide grip, with your palms facing forward. 

While tightening your core muscles and leaning backwards ever so slightly, pull down the bar. Stop pulling once the bar is just under your collarbone. 

Return to the starting position. 

Do 3 sets of lat pull down, each one made up of 10 to 12 repetitions.

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