Nutrition Signs You Seriously Need Probiotics

Signs You Seriously Need Probiotics

If you are regularly checking out articles on the internet pertaining to gut health, chances are that you are constantly coming across write ups about the many benefits offered by probiotics. Experts say that maintaining optimum amounts of probiotics in your intestines is the secret to the attainment of so many perks that can range from a better digestion, stronger immune system to an improved mood.

Continue reading this article to know whether or not you are in dire need of consuming foods that are rich in probiotics (yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, tempeh, kombucha, etc.) or taking supplements that are formulated to supply your intestines with impressive amounts of those super beneficial microscopic organisms.

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You’re Always Gassy

There is no denying that having lots and lots of gas is a very embarrassing as well as an uncomfortable situation. It can always keep you feeling on edge because you can never know when that gas in your gut is going to make its presence known to everyone around you without your permission!

According to experts, having excess gas all the time could be a sign that your intestines are lacking in good bacteria that are capable of properly digesting sugar and fat in your diet.

You Cannot Deal With Dairy

It’s no secret that milk, cheese, yogurt and other similar products are phenomenal sources of both calcium and protein. If you tend to experience all sorts of unfavorable side effects after consuming anything that contains milk or is made from it, then your gut may be lacking in microbes that can handle sugar in milk.

Making sure that you have plenty of beneficial bacteria in your gut allows you to enjoy dairy without any trouble, and also ensures that your bones and muscles are being supplied with the nutrients they greatly need.

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You Always Battle UTI

Do you constantly suffer from a urinary tract infection or UTI? There is a huge possibility that you are lacking in beneficial bacteria, say medical professionals.

Probiotics are not only very good at fighting off harmful bacteria in the intestines, but also elsewhere in or on the body. It’s exactly for this reason why they are known to help keep the immune system up and running. So if it seems like you are a very UTI-prone person, consider consuming probiotic food as well as supplements.

You’re Always Down With the Cold

Just like what’s mentioned earlier, those beneficial bacteria are very helpful in making the immune system strong. It’s due to this reason exactly why optimizing the levels of probiotics in your gut is a wonderful idea most especially if you are regularly battling a cold or any other upper respiratory tract infection.

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Coincidentally, some of the best sources of probiotics are also good for the immunity. This means that you will also get all of the vitamins, minerals and beneficial bacteria you need for lowered infection risks.

You Look Older Than Your Age

If you are a beauty-conscious individual, it is definitely a good idea for you to eat foods rich in probiotics or take probiotic supplements. Did you know that scientists say that probiotics can actually help maintain healthy and beautiful skin? In other words, those beneficial bacteria are like microscopic aestheticians residing in your gut!

So if it seems like everybody thinks that you are older than your actual age, consider increasing your intake of probiotics. Definitely, it’s a cheaper and more effective way to fend off premature aging.

Come back to this site after taking probiotic foods and supplements for several weeks and share in the comments section below the positive changes you have experienced!

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