Signs You May Have Low Self-Esteem

It’s perfectly fine for us to feel inadequate about ourselves compared to others once in a while. After all, nobody’s perfect — and those little imperfections we discern are the ones that help us strive to become better human beings.

However, it is a totally different story if your general view of yourself is a negative one, which could be a sign that you have low-self esteem. With it, most or all of your opinions concerning yourself are awful ones, such as you are not as valuable as others or you are not as worthy of receiving love like others.

Constantly seeing yourself as an inferior individual certainly has all sorts of negative consequences — feeling that you do not deserve any kind of credit or admiration can keep you from growing and enjoying all the good things in life.

Wondering if what goes through your mind regularly is just part of being a normal human being with a few insecurities or already a case of having low self-esteem? Then continue reading. Below you will find some of the signs that you are unnecessarily lacking confidence in your own abilities and worth, plus how to deal with them.

You Make Comparisons

Is it your habit to constantly compare yourself — your facial features, fashion sense, achievements, etc. — to other people such as your siblings, cousins, friends, co-workers, celebrities and even complete strangers? If so, then you may have low self-esteem. While there is nothing wrong with doing it from time to time, always comparing yourself to others will only harm the way you see and accept yourself.

Rather than constantly measuring yourself up to others, focus on things you have that they don’t have. Each person has his or her own strengths and weaknesses, and it’s a good idea for you to concentrate on your best points.

You Challenge Praises

There is something wrong with your self-esteem if it’s your habit to deflect flattering remarks given to you. Usually, you explain to those people who just praised you why you don’t deserve those kind words. Here’s another thing that someone with low self-esteem tends to do when receiving admirations: he or she sometimes believe that praises received are actually insults masquerading as compliments.

If you do not have much faith in yourself, then at least have faith in people around you — when someone throws a positive comment your way, say “thank you” to the person and say “great job” to yourself.

You Surrender Rather Easily

Life is filled with challenges everyone has to overcome because it’s part of being in existence. You may actually have low-self esteem if you habitually quit facing a demanding task thinking that you are not strong or smart enough to triumph over something that another person who is allegedly so much better than you have no trouble conquering. It is a vicious cycle — the more you fail to overcome challenges because of quitting, the lower your self-esteem gets.

No one is perfect and so everyone surely struggles when facing a tough undertaking. The only thing that sets apart those who believe in themselves from those with low-self esteem is they don’t quit right away.

You Bring Down Others

There is no denying that people with low-self esteem bring themselves down. However, did you know that many of them have the habit of putting others down, too? This isn’t a really shocking trait to have — they make others feel really inadequate in order to make themselves feel so much better.  So yes, it’s definitely true that bullies have lots of insecurities that they try to pass off to other people.

Here’s a great tip for boosting your self-esteem: instead of belittling people, help them to become better people. You will feel good about yourself, you will gain a lot of respect and admiration, and you will win new friends.

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