Risk Factors for Gallbladder Cancer

Anyone who has a gallbladder can have gallbladder cancer one day. However, some people are likelier to have the disease by means of some risk factors — things that can increase a person’s chance of developing gallbladder cancer.

However, it doesn’t mean right away that you should brace yourself for a war against gallbladder cancer one day just because you have one or many of its risk factors. Health authorities confirm that there are people who have a lot of those risk factors and yet they are not suffering from gallbladder cancer. Similarly, many of those who are afflicted with gallbladder cancer had none of the risk factors before being diagnosed with gallbladder cancer.

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Even though it’s true that most people who are diagnosed with gallbladder cancer are 65 years of age or older, the fact is the disease can also affect younger people. Experts add that 72 is the average age of individuals when their gallbladder cancer is discovered.


Of all the risk factors for gallbladder, having gallstones is said to be the most common. In fact, 4 out of 5 people have gallstones the moment they are diagnosed with gallbladder cancer. Do take note, however, that gallstones are quite common, and gallbladder cancer is regarded as rare.


Experts say that inflammatory conditions of the gallbladder are regarded as risk factors for gallbladder cancer. One example of those is what’s known as primary sclerosing cholangitis or PSC, which is characterized by the inflammation of the bile ducts.

Porcelain Gallbladder

Another gallbladder cancer risk factor that has something to do with inflammation is referred to as porcelain gallbladder. This is a condition wherein the entire gallbladder becomes encased in calcium deposits, and it usually happens after a chronic inflammation of the gallbladder.


More often than not, people who suffer from gallbladder cancer are obese or overweight. Experts believe that it has something to do with the fact that people who have lots of excess pounds are at risk of developing gallstones, and having gallstones is a risk factor for gallbladder cancer.


Men and women alike can develop gallbladder cancer. However, health authorities say that the disease is 3 to 4 times likelier to affect women than men. Experts believe that it’s for the fact that women are more susceptible to having gallstones and gallbladder inflammation.


In the United States, the rate of gallbladder cancer is highest in Native Americans. The same can be said for Latin and Mexican Americans. Based on statistics, the rate of gallbladder cancer is lowest in African Americans.


Anyone from any part of the planet is at higher risk of having gallbladder cancer one day if he or she has one or more risk factors for the said disease. However, experts say that gallbladder is more common in Pakistan, India, and various South American and Central European countries than in the US.

Family History

Just like many other types of cancer, gallbladder cancer tends to run in families. This only means that your risk of developing gallbladder cancer is higher if you have an immediate family member who has (or had) gallbladder cancer.

Studies say that some of the other possible risk factors for gallbladder cancer include cigarette smoking and exposure to nitrosamines and chemicals used in the textile and rubber industries. If you believe that you are at high risk of suffering from gallbladder cancer one day, make sure that you pay your doctor a visit.

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