Unwanted hair can be a source of embarrassment for many women. Although hair on the legs, face and arms do not pose a problem, it’s quite comforting to have smooth skin especially around the mouth and under the arms. Most likely you are considering waxing, laser removal, and electrolysis but these options can be a bit expensive. Fortunately, there are home remedies that can help you remove unwanted hair in a safer and cheaper manner.

For women who are constantly battling with unwanted hair, try these home remedies out to reveal smooth and beautiful looking skin.

Turmeric. Turmeric is often used in India to achieve clean and glowing skin. One reason behind this is that aside from the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties present in this spice, it can also prevent hair growth. You just need to combine one to two teaspoons of turmeric with milk or water to create a paste. Apply the paste on the area that you want to remove the hair and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes or until the paste has dried up. Wash the mixture off with warm water.

Sugaring. Waxing requires you to pull your hair against the grain which can be painful but sugaring requires you to pull your hair along the hair growth which causes less discomfort on your part. You will need to heat a quarter cup of water first then add a quarter cup of lemon juice and two cups of granulated sugar. Keep on heating the mixture until bubbles start to appear. Reduce the heat and let the mixture simmer for 25 minutes or until the color darkens to amber. Remove it from the heat and leave it to cool. Dust your skin with some baby powder or cornstarch powder before applying the paste against your hair growth. Put on a cotton strip or clean cloth over the mixture and leave it for a few minutes. Pull off the cloth quickly going the direction of your hair growth.

Egg mask. Egg whites are well known for its stickiness making it a good option when it comes to removing unwanted hair. For this mask, you will need half a tablespoon of cornstarch, 1 egg white, and a tablespoon of sugar. Add the cornstarch and sugar into the egg white and beat to create a paste. Spread the smooth paste on your face and leave it on until it becomes dry. The mixture usually thins out once it becomes dry. Remove the mask by pulling it off using a firm hand. This way, those unwanted hair will also come off with the mask. Just make sure that you don’t hurt yourself when pulling the mask off.

These are just a few examples of home remedies that are designed to remove those unwanted hair in the comforts of your own home. Compared to undergoing surgery or waxing, these options are considerably better as they will cause less discomfort and irritation on your skin. You just need to look for the right treatment to start with.