Relieve Stress and Anxiety With Amyris Essential Oil

Are you looking for an essential oil that’s so effective for reducing your stress levels and also making your anxious thoughts go away? Then you have come to the right place. This article will get you acquainted with amyris essential oil, which is something that’s admired by many for its superb ability to calm both mind and body.

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Unlike most other essential oils out there that are obtained from the flowers, leaves or twigs of plants, amyris essential oil is obtained from the resin produced by a tree having the same name. Sometimes the amyris tree is also known as West Indies sandalwood because of the fact that it grows abundantly in the West Indies.

Because amyris essential oil comes from the resin of a tree, it has a woody, earthy and herbaceous aroma. Its fragrance is often compared to that of other essential oils from tree resins, too, such as benzoin essential oil.

The color of amyris essential oil can range anywhere from pale yellow to clear, depending on the manufacturer. It has a thick consistency, and it’s known to blend very well with the likes of sweet orange, vetiver and cedarwood essential oils. For topical application, it has to be diluted with your preferred carrier oil beforehand.

Speaking of which, it’s important for amyris essential oil to be diluted very well with coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil or any other carrier oil of your liking because it’s so potent. Usually, a drop or two is enough when employing it topically. Performing a skin patch test helps ensure that amyris essential oil won’t cause skin irritation.

Now that you know amyris essential oil so much better, it’s now time for us to focus on the many health benefits that it’s known to offer. Some of the most impressive of the bunch include:

Reduction of Stress

Many people swear by the effectiveness of amyris essential oil in lowering their stress. You can take advantage of the stress-busting properties of this resin oil with the help of a diffuser. You may also simply take a whiff of it by uncapping its bottle, or placing a couple of drops of it in your handkerchief.

Alleviation of Anxiety

This essential oil can also be very beneficial for you if you suffer from anxiety. The moment that some anxious thoughts have made their presence known, immediately place the uncapped bottle of it close to your nose and take slow deep breaths. If your anxiety is keeping you from leading a normal life, see a specialist.

Promotion of a Good Night’s Sleep

Both stress and anxiety can cause insomnia. Luckily, it’s also something that amyris essential oil can deal with. One of the simplest ways to use this essential oil for insomnia is by placing a couple of drops of it on your pillow. It’s also a good idea to add a few drops of it to your bathwater when taking a relaxing bath just before bedtime.

Relief of Skin Problems

Not entirely happy with your current skin toner? You can instill a few drops of amyris essential oil in its bottle to boost its ability to shrink the pores and keep excess oils at bay. However, make sure that you perform a skin patch test before adding some amyris essential oil to your skin toner to be safe and sure.

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