Reasons Why You’re Always Angry

Wondering why it seems like you’re angry most of the time? Keep on reading. The following are some of the most common reasons why that’s the case, and also some of the smartest steps that you may take:

Being Afraid

A lot of people are quick to assume that anger can only be due to being enraged. However, some cases of anger can in fact stem from being afraid or scared of something.

It’s perfectly understandable for you to be concerned about your wellbeing, and that’s why anything that can threaten your image, ego or even existence can leave you feeling enraged — and that’s perfectly normal, according to experts. The very same thing may happen if the safety or feelings of someone you care about is placed at risk.

Simply put, being concerned is something that can leave you feeling angry.

If your concern is stemming from being afraid or scared of something that may or may not happen, it’s a good idea for you to face your apprehension. Once you do that, you will not only feel stronger but less angry, too.

Having Anxiety Disorder

Being frightened from time to time is one thing, and being frightened most of your waking hours — sometimes for no apparent reason — is another. Mental health authorities confirm that millions of people across the globe these days are suffering from anxiety, and such can be due to many different reasons including stress.

The often crippling mental and physical symptoms of anxiety can keep a person from keeping up with the rest of the planet, and this can cause all sorts of emotions to come into being — anger is just one of them.

Mild to moderate cases of anxiety can be managed with some home remedies such as doing yoga, taking a relaxing bath, having a full-body massage, reading a paperback novel and taking a whiff of essential oils.

Unfortunately, anxiety that is already keeping the individual from having an enjoyable and productive life usually requires the help of a mental health professional.

A Traumatic Past

There’s a form of anxiety that can stem from something in the past that’s traumatic — experiencing a brutal death, being diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition, going through a violent personal assault, being in a serious road accident, etc. It’s called PTSD, which stands for post-traumatic stress disorder.

But just because you had a traumatic life event some time ago doesn’t necessarily mean that you have PTSD now.

Sometimes it just leaves you feeling all sorts of emotions, including anger, each time the memory shows up like a ghost when someone or something brings it back directly or indirectly.

Even if it’s not a case of PTSD, sometimes it’s still a good idea for you to pay a therapist or psychiatrist a visit so that you may be guided on how to get over that traumatic past, thus keeping it from ruining your present.

Being Powerless

Knowing that you have no control over someone or something can leave you feeling helpless. No one really likes to feel helpless because it hurts, which is why it’s not unlikely for you to wind up angry due to your powerlessness.

Suffering from a medical condition that is keeping you from leading the life that you once had can leave you powerless. The same is true with being in an abusive relationship that you cannot turn your back on because you love the person. These and many other examples can leave you feeling angry as they take away your power.

In some instances, wholehearted acceptance is the solution. There are cases in which you have to make a drastic decision that will change your life forever.

Either way, the sense of being powerless can be abolished afterwards, and this can result in the considerable reduction in the anger you are feeling.

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