Reasons Why You Should Try the Ancient Exercise Qigong

Are you on the hunt for a really gentle form of exercise? Then it’s a good idea for you to try qigong. It’s so mild that it may also be considered as a form of meditation or relaxation. So in other words, qigong allows you to hit two birds with one stone — it lets you get your dose of exercise and at the same time allows you to lower your stress.

If you like to get to know qigong more especially the many health benefits you can obtain from doing it, read on. Don’t forget to share this article later on to have your family and friends also introduced to qigong and its perks.

Qigong is a form of exercise that is being practiced in China for so many centuries now. It was developed more than 2,000 years ago. The fact that it remains popular these days is a clear testament that it really works. In the West, it has gained attention after scientists have proven that qigong indeed is beneficial for both body and mind.

One of the nicest things about qigong is it’s perfect for people of any age and fitness level. Since it consists of very gentle movements that are repeated again and again, qigong is ideal for the elderly. It’s also superb for those who simply do not like forms of exercises that leave them sweaty and fatigued afterwards.

Without any more ado, here are some of the reasons why you should give qigong a try:

It Lowers the Blood Pressure

Told by your doctor that you have high blood pressure (hypertension) or pre-hypertension? One of the things that he or she may give you as a piece of advice is for you to exercise on a regular basis to lower your blood pressure naturally. As a starter, you may do qigong — it’s proven to help in managing high blood pressure.

It Makes You Feel Energetic

A lot of people do not like jogging, swimming or playing basketball because it leaves them feeling exhausted afterwards. If you’re one of them, consider going for qigong. It is very good at improving blood circulation, making sure that your muscles and organs get all the oxygen they need. As a result, you will feel lively and energetic afterwards.

It Boosts Stamina and Balance

Aside from giving you energy, qigong is also known to help in increasing your staying power. This ancient Chinese form of exercise is known to improve balance. With your stamina and balance boosted, you will be able to carry out many different everyday activities with energy and ease, allowing you to become a productive person.

It Strengthens the Immune System

Earlier, it was mentioned that qigong helps improve blood circulation. In the process, the removal of toxins and waste products in the body is accelerated as well. This results in a much better immune system. But there is another thing about qigong that makes it an immune-booster, and it’s the one discussed next.

It Lowers Stress Levels

While it is indeed a form of exercise, qigong has meditative properties to it. This is the reason why a lot of today’s stressed individuals try their hands at qigong. There are so many perks to enjoy for managing stress, and they range from a stronger immune system to lowered risk of heart disease and even cancer.

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