Reasons Why Strawberry Leaf Tea is Good for You

We all know that strawberries are loaded with antioxidants and that’s why they are good for you. However, not everyone is aware that the leaves of strawberries deserve to be in the spotlight, too. Commonly, they are turned into tea. Let’s give strawberry leaf tea the attention it deserves, shall we?

Just like strawberries themselves, strawberry leaves have plenty of antioxidants. What’s more, they contain tannins, which are organic substances that make so many other herbal teas beneficial to one’s health.

Actually, strawberry leaves have been used as a folk remedy for so many years now. They are commonly used for easing joint pain and diarrhea. Sometimes they are used for dealing with skin infections. Strawberry leaves are also employed for alleviating respiratory problems and strengthening the immune system.

One of the simplest ways to enjoy the many health benefits offered by the leaves of strawberry is by turning them into tea. Brewing them is just as easy as brewing as other leaves that are commonly turned into tea.

However, strawberry leaves have to be dried first before they can be made into tea. The use of fresh strawberry leaves, it is said, can cause abdominal distress. By the way, it is perfectly fine to brew whole or crushed dried strawberry leaves, and the presence of a few dried stems is no problem at all.

It’s also definitely a great idea to brew dried strawberry leaves from strawberry plants that you have grown with your own hands to ensure that they are free or any pesticide that can ruin your health. Or when shopping for strawberry leaves that are ready for turning into tea, look for organic ones sold by a reputable vendor.

How do make a cup of strawberry leaf tea? It’s easy — all you have to do is place a teaspoon of dried strawberry leaves in a cup of hot water. Allow it to steep for a while. After straining, it’s ready to be consumed.

Adding a teaspoon of honey to a cup of freshly-brewed strawberry leaf tea is perfectly fine in order to improve the taste. See to it, however, that the honey you add to it is raw and organic so that absolutely nothing offsets the health benefits of strawberry leaf tea. Definitely, artificial sweeteners are a no-no!

So here are some of the reasons why drinking a cup of strawberry leaf tea is good for you:

  • It relieves painful and swollen joints. One of the most popular uses of strawberry leaf tea is for treating joints that are achy and inflamed. What’s so nice about this herbal drink is it can put an end to such problem without causing side effects, which most painkilling anti-inflammatory drugs are notorious for.
  • It promotes diuresis. Simply put, diuresis refers to an increase in urine production. This is the reason why the intake of strawberry leaf tea is beneficial for those who are suffering from bloating and urinary tract infections or UTIs. It also helps in keeping the blood pressure from increasing.
  • It relieves GI distress. Strawberry leaf tea is usually consumed for the alleviation of an upset stomach. A freshly-brewed cup of it can be very handy especially after a spicy or greasy meal. The herbal drink also helps facilitate digestion by supporting the functioning of the liver.
  • It helps put an end to diarrhea. Tannins present in strawberry leaf tea make the beverage an effective remedy for diarrhea. That’s because those tannins help contract and relax various tissues of the body. Antimicrobial properties of strawberry leaf tea also help in the fight against a bout of diarrhea.
  • It may lower risk of deadly cancer. According to scientists, there’s ellagic acid in strawberry leaves. A type of antioxidant, ellagic acid is known to neutralize cancer-causing substances. More impressive than that, ellagic acid is proven to cause cancer cells to kill themselves, a phenomenon known as “apoptosis”.




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