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Reasons Why You Should Not Run Away From Runner Beans

At first glance, runner beans look just like green beans. However, telling them apart is so much easier when the pods are opened — runner beans are purple in color.

What’s so nice about runner beans is both the pods and beans inside them are edible. The best for human consumption are young ones, and they are perfect for steaming, sautéing, adding to stir-fry vegetables and tossing into salads. Before cooking, however, both the tops and ends of runner beans have to be chopped off in order to have the string that runs on one side of every pod removed much easier.

Growing runner beans in your own garden is a wonderful idea. Other than the fact that it will allow you to get your hands on fresh runner beans, it’s also something that can make your home picturesque — the runner bean plant is beautiful, boasting of heart-shaped leaves and tiny red flowers.

And what are the reasons why runner beans should be included in your diet? Here are some:

Healthier Heart and Joints

Omega-3 fatty acids are some of the key nutrients found in runner beans. It’s exactly because of this reason why eating these legumes on a regular basis can help keep your hear in a phenomenal shape. These healthy fats are also excellent at saving your joints from ending up inflamed, stiff and painful.

Stronger Bones

Every serving of runner beans supplies your body with calcium. As everyone knows, calcium is vital for strengthening the bones. However, there are also a couple of other nutrients present in runner beans that help make the bones strong although they do not get enough spotlight — magnesium and potassium.

Lowered Blood Pressure

Speaking of which, warding off high blood pressure is easier if you regularly consume runner beans and other foods with potassium in them. That’s because potassium promotes the expansion of the blood vessels, thus permitting blood to flow much more efficiently through them. This results in a normal and healthy blood pressure.

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Reduced Cholesterol

There’s also fiber in runner beans, and it only means that eating these legumes can help eliminate cholesterol that can cause the arteries to become clogged. Additionally, runner beans are absolutely free of cholesterol, which means that they are the perfect healthy foods for those who are instructed by their doctors to opt for a low-cholesterol diet.

Eliminated Excess Pounds

Aside from the fact that runner beans are devoid of cholesterol, they also contain very small amount of calories. Needless to say, these legumes are wonderful additions to the everyday diet of someone who is trying to lose weight. Since they are also loaded with fiber, runner beans can help stave off overeating.

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Improved Digestion

Now that fiber is mentioned, the fact that runner beans can help facilitate digestion can be introduced. Fiber also helps those healthy bacteria in the gut to multiply, as well as assists in the removal of poisonous substances along the GI tract. So in other words, runner beans can help save you from having a bout of constipation.

Healthier Eyes and Sharper Vision

Another nutrient found in every serving of runner beans is vitamin A. It’s no secret that this particular vitamin is important for maintaining eye health as well as sharp vision. Vitamin A is actually an antioxidant, and it’s an excellent protector of the eyes against damage that can be inflicted upon them by excess free radicals.

Strengthened Immunity

Then there is also vitamin C in runner beans. As everybody knows, this nutrient is so important for making the immune system strong. If you’re a beauty-conscious person, make sure that you regularly eat runner beans as its vitamin C is also essential for keeping the skin healthy as well as young-looking.

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