Reasons to Get Your Hands on a Bottle of Zedoary Essential Oil

Zedoary essential oil is extracted by means of steam distillation from the rhizomes of a plant having the same name. The said plant is related to both turmeric and ginger, and it’s also being used as a healing herb as well as spice. There are many benefits offered by zedoary essential oil, from alleviating digestive issues to relieving pain and swelling.

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The color of zedoary essential oil is golden yellow, and its viscosity is just right — not too thick and not too watery. When it comes to the smell, it will surely remind you of turmeric root or ginger root essential oil. If you haven’t smelled any of those, it’s kind of warm and woody with a hint of camphor-like tones.

Earlier, it was mentioned that zedoary essential oil is obtained from the rhizomes of a plant that’s related to turmeric and ginger. Well, it’s for this reason why the rhizome, which is commonly used for healing and cooking, is sometimes called white turmeric. By the way, it is native to Indonesia and India but it’s now also being grown in Europe.

Going back to zedoary essential oil itself, having a bottle of it is wonderful idea if you like dealing with an assortment of minor health concerns naturally — the volatile oil is revered by many for its medicinal properties.

Here are some of the impressive things that you can do with a bottle of zedoary essential oil within your reach:

Relieving Indigestion

A drop of zedoary essential oil to a cup of warm water or lemon juice is an excellent remedy for indigestion. It’s known, too, as an effective remedy for abdominal spasms and excess gas. Instead of ingesting it, you may simply dilute zedoary essential oil with your preferred carrier oil and have it massaged on your belly.

Easing Painful and Swollen Joints

Just like turmeric and ginger, zedoary possesses superb anti-inflammatory properties. And that is why the oil obtained from the plant’s rhizomes can be used for relieving joint pain and swelling. You may also massage diluted zedoary essential oil on achy and tired muscles.

Alleviating Respiratory Issues

Thanks to the camphor-like aroma of zedoary essential oil, you may employ it for relieving nasal congestion. What you need to do is place a few drops of it in a basin of hot water and then inhale the steam produced. It’s also possible to massage it on your chest area, of course after weakening it with your choice of carrier oil.

Soothing Skin Irritations

Did you know that zedoary essential oil is commonly added to soaps, lotions and various other cosmetic products as it has skin-soothing abilities? If you are experiencing skin irritation or itchiness, you may add 3 to 5 drops of this oil to your bathwater and immerse in it for several minutes until you enjoy relief.

Even though it’s safe to ingest a little amount of zedoary essential oil for relieving problems concerning the digestive system, pregnant women should refrain from consuming it. If you are suffering from a medical condition and you like to use zedoary essential oil for therapeutic purposes, inform your doctor beforehand.

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