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Reasons to Eat Golden Berries

Golden berries are gold-colored fruits, each one roughly the size of a marble. But despite of what they are called, they are actually more related to eggplants and tomatoes rather than strawberries, blueberries and the rest of the gang. By the way, they are also known as Aztec berries, physalis and poha, depending on where they’re grown.

Initially, golden berries were native to South America. However, time passed and they were eventually spread to various parts of the planet where they are enjoyed for their taste and health benefits.

Speaking of taste, golden berries possess the right blend of sweet and tart, and thus they are perfect for baking. They are also commonly turned into preserves, jams and jellies. Many of those who have easy access to golden berries love to throw some of them into their salads or smoothies. Snacking on them as they are is very popular, too.

It’s not just the taste and the versatility of golden berries that can impress, but also their roster of nutrients. They are so packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that consuming them lets you enjoy:

Lowered Pain and Inflammation

Golden berries are loaded with anti-inflammatory compounds, and consuming these exotic fruits on a regular basis can help save you from the need to regularly take painkillers that tend to cause all sorts of side effects. If you are often bugged by painful and swollen joints, consider adding golden berries in your diet regularly.

Delayed Skin Aging

As mentioned earlier, golden berries contain impressive amounts of antioxidants. And that is why eating them regularly, regardless of the manner you like, can help in slowing down the process of skin aging. You see, antioxidants help defend your skin cells from those damaging excess free radicals within you.

Strengthened Immune System

There are also loads of vitamin C in golden berries, and that is quite obvious considering the way that these marble-sized fruits look and taste like. We all know that including plenty of vitamin C-rich foods in the diet on an everyday basis is one of the secrets to the attainment of a strong immune system that can really safeguard your wellbeing.

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Improved Gum Health

Vitamin C present abundantly in golden berries is also essential for keeping the gums in a healthy shape, thus also making your smile look phenomenal. Actually, a diet that’s lacking in vitamin C may bring about scurvy, which is a disease that is characterized by gums that are swollen and bleeding.

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Optimized Liver Functioning

Scientists say that there are certain compounds (okay, they’re called withanolides) in golden berries that are very good at protecting the liver tissue from being damaged. Keeping your liver in tip-top shape is paramount for the elimination of poisonous substances in your body that can put your health in danger.

Increased Urine Production

Golden berries have mild diuretic properties. In layman’s terms, consuming these eye-catching exotic fruits can cause an increase in the production of urine. This is actually a good thing because the removal of toxins found in the body becomes accelerated. Also, it helps in reducing the blood pressure of hypertensive individuals.

Controlled Sugar Levels

Diabetics and those who are at high risk of the said disease can benefit from the regular consumption of golden berries. That’s because certain compounds in them plus the fiber they contain work together in regulating the release of glucose in the bloodstream. This results in optimal blood sugar levels.

Reduced Unwanted Pounds

Last but not least, golden berries are also superb for people who like to drop a few unwanted pounds. It’s for the fact that these fruits are actually low in calories and practically devoid of fat. What’s more, their fiber and water content causes your stomach to feel really full, thus preventing you from having those figure-wrecking cravings.

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