Nutrition Reasons to Eat Borlotti Beans

Reasons to Eat Borlotti Beans

Borlotti beans are some of the most attention-grabbing beans on the planet. Having the same shape as pinto beans, these off-white legumes sport red streaks or speckles. When cooked, borlotti beans kind of taste like chestnuts.

Also known as cranberry beans, horticultural beans and roman beans, depending on where you are on the planet, they can impress with their nutritional profile. Borlotti beans are loaded with dietary fiber and protein. They also have potassium, zinc, iron and copper. These legumes also supply the body with energy-giving B vitamins, and one of these is folate which is something so important for the prevention of birth defects.

When in season, you can easily find fresh borlotti beans at your favorite market. You can also get your hands on dried ones, too, all year round at most grocery stores. Borlotti beans have to be soaked in water overnight before boiling, and they are staple ingredients in salads as well as Portuguese and Italian cooking.

So what are the reasons why borlotti beans are good for you? Here are some of them:

Improved Digestion

Adding borlotti beans to your diet can help in keeping your digestive system in an A1 condition. That’s because they are loaded with fiber that helps facilitate the assimilation of food and the removal of waste products. Experts say that fiber in borlotti beans encourage the multiplication of beneficial bacteria residing in your gut.

Regular Bowel Movement

If you are prone to being constipated, it’s a good idea to include more fiber-rich foods such as Borlotti beans in your diet on a daily basis. Fiber absorbs water and adds bulk to fecal materials in the lower portion of the GI tract, making their removal so much easier. See to it that you also drink plenty of fluids and move around a lot.

Slimmer Body

Trying to lose weight? Make sure that you serve borlotti beans on the table more often. Consuming them helps stave off both overeating and cravings as their fiber content helps make your tummy feel full for a long time. Borlotti beans also release sugar slowly, thus warding off blood sugar spikes that can make you a feeding machine!

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Controlled Diabetes

Speaking of which, borlotti beans are perfect for diabetics as well as those who are at high risk of developing diabetes. It’s for the fact that these unique-looking legumes are helpful in stabilizing the levels of sugar in the blood. If left unmanaged, high sugar levels can lead to a number of diabetes-related complications.

Better Cardiovascular Health

Thanks to the loads of fiber present, the inclusion of borlotti beans can help in lowering bad cholesterol. There are also good amounts of potassium present in every serving, which is excellent for keeping the blood pressure low. With both bad cholesterol and blood pressure reduced, your risk of heart disease can be significantly lowered.

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Reduced Anemia Risk

One of the many nutrients found in borlotti beans is iron. The said mineral is essential for the production of red blood cells or RBCs, which are the ones that enable your blood to transport oxygen molecules to various parts of your body. A diet that’s lacking in iron, according to experts, can lead to iron-deficiency anemia.

Increased Muscle Mass

If you are pumping iron, see to it that you add some borlotti beans in your diet on a regular basis. Just like other legumes that you can think of, these beans are loaded with protein. What’s so great about borlotti beans is they provide you with impressive amounts of protein but without flooding your body with saturated fat and cholesterol.

Lowered Birth Defect Risk

Consuming borlotti beans is a phenomenal idea most especially if you are pregnant. That’s because one of the many B vitamins they have is folate, which is so important for the growing baby in your womb. Folate helps in the prevention of neural tube defects which involve improper development of the brain and spinal cord.

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