NutritionReasons to Drink Corn Silk Tea

Reasons to Drink Corn Silk Tea

The satiny fibers that come with corn are called corn silk. Did you know that it can be turned into tea which offers a wide variety of health benefits? So the next time that you have corn cobs in your kitchen for whatever gastronomic reason, consider saving corn silk and making a tea out of it.

Boiling corn silk in water for a few minutes is all it takes for you to come up with a healthy beverage that’s known to have therapeutic properties. Since you may find the taste to be blah, it’s perfectly fine to add a little amount of the healthy sweetener that you like, such as raw honey, maple syrup or stevia.

You don’t really have to purchase corn cobs and gather corn silk just to be able to whip up the said tea. You may actually obtain corn silk tea bags from your favorite land-based or online health food store! By the way, it is also possible to employ corn silk tea topically to treat several skin issues.


So without further ado, here are some of the reasons why drinking corn silk tea is a good idea:


It Helps Relieve a UTI and Dissolve Kidney Stones

Traditionally, corn silk tea is given to people who are suffering from urinary tract infections or UTIs. It’s for the fact that the said beverage has mild diuretic properties — it increases urine production. Due to this, bacteria in the urinary system can be flushed out, thus helping to control an infection. The diuretic properties of corn silk tea also make it a highly effective remedy for kidney stones which it helps dissolve naturally.


It Promotes Lowered Blood Pressure

Many blood pressure medications work by flushing out excess water in the body. In other words, they are diuretics. Just like other medications out there, drugs that lower the blood pressure can come with some side effects. The intake of corn silk tea is an all-natural and side effect-free way to help keep the blood pressure from rising. But since hypertension is a very serious matter, always tell your doctor about your plan on controlling it with the help of corn silk tea.

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It Reduces Joint Pain Brought About by Gout

Corn silk tea, for so many years now, is regarded as an effective remedy for gout, in particular the pain that it’s associated with. Regarded as a kind of arthritis, gout causes stiffness, swelling, pain of a joint, more often than not your big toe. To use corn silk tea for relieving gout pain, take up to 3 cups of it every day. The moment you notice some improvements, reduce the daily intake of corn silk tea to a cup only.

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It Boosts the Digestive System and Provides Nutrients, Too

Based on studies, the intake of corn silk is very good at improving digestion. That’s because the beverage is capable of stimulating the liver to release bile, which is a liquid that’s necessary for the breakdown of fat into fatty acids. Additionally, the consumption of corn silk tea provides your body with certain nutrients the healthy beverage contains. Some of them are selenium, niacin, potassium and vitamin K.


It Also Helps Deal with Various Skin Problems

Aside from drinking corn silk tea, it’s also very much possible for it to be utilized topically. It has mild antiseptic properties, and it may help in preventing cuts and scrapes from ending up infected. Traditional healers also use corn silk tea topically to deal with boils. If you have itchy rashes or stinging and inflamed insect bites, all you have to do is apply corn silk tea on problem areas of the skin to attain much-needed relief from the symptoms.





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