Reasons for You to Consume Daikon

There is a white kind of radish that grows primarily in East and Southeast Asia, and it’s known to many by its Japanese name daikon. However, it is also sometimes called “oriental radish” or “mooli”. While the various parts of daikon are edible, the root part is the one that is popularly consumed.

Actually, you may consider daikon as a cruciferous vegetable. And just like other cruciferous vegetables out there, it’s very good at detoxifying the body, thanks to the presence of sulfuric compounds.

In Japan and other parts of Asia where daikon grows abundantly, the leaves are commonly eaten as vegetables. They are usually chopped up and tossed into salads or added to stir-fried vegetables. On the other hand, the root is typically diced and added to soups, curries and others. It’s often pickled, too.

This radish look-alike should be incorporated into your diet on a regular basis. That’s because of the fact that it offers a variety of superb health benefits. Some of the ones that can truly impress include:

Detoxified Body

When cruciferous vegetables are the ones being discussed, it’s for certain that their ability to detoxify the body will be the one talked about mostly. Since daikon is a member of the cruciferous family of vegetables, it’s very good at zapping poisonous substances in the body before they get the chance to harm your health in a number of ways.

Reduced Cancer Risk

Daikon is superb at dealing with toxins, free radicals and inflammation, all of which are commonly blamed for the formation of cancer. So in other words, the simple addition of daikon to your diet regularly may help considerably reduce your risk of battling deadly cancer one day.

Strengthened Immunity

One of the many nutrients found abundantly in daikon is vitamin C. This only means that consuming this root veggie on a regular basis can help in making your immune system strong. Most especially when the flu or cold season is nearing, consider eating daikon more often to lower your risk of going down with an infection.

Improved Digestion

Consuming daikon is actually very good for your digestive system for a couple of reasons. First, it is very high in fiber that encourages the production of more digestive enzymes and juices. Second, its fiber content facilitates the removal of poisonous by-products of the process of digestion.

Beautified Skin

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of daikon, it can help in dealing with a wide assortment of skin issues, from pimples to eczema. Daikon can be employed for zapping those issues by having it included in the diet regularly. You may also have its juice extracted and applied on problem areas to attain relief.

Increased Urine Production

Daikon has mild diuretic properties, which means that it is capable of increasing the production of urine. It’s for this reason why this cruciferous vegetable is beneficial for people with hypertension and urinary tract infection (UTI). People who like to drop water weight may also consume daikon.

Strengthened Bones

Lastly, consuming daikon on a regular basis is good for keeping the bones strong. That’s because it is a good source of the mineral calcium which, as everybody knows, is essential for making the bones healthy. If you want to reduce your risk of having osteoporosis one day, regularly eat calcium-rich foods like daikon.

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